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23rd September 2011

CFC Media Lab Exhibition 2011 At Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

CFCOn the eve of October 1, a diverse group of fourteen artists, producers and contributors from the latest installment of CFC Media Lab’s TELUS Interactive Art & Entertainment Program (IAEP) will transform the Bata Shoe Museum into a space of collaborative exploration and play. The Canadian Film Centre (CFC) is once again thrilled to be an official part of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, the all-night, interactive, cultural extravaganza celebrating contemporary art in Toronto which is open to the public from 6:59 p.m. on October 1st until sunrise on October 2nd.

CFC Media Lab Exhibition 2011: Technological Displacement invites the audience to re-imagine game play and consider their ever-evolving relationship to communications technologies. Inspired by Marshall McLuhan’s theory of the global village and his influence on screen-based media, this year’s exhibition features five inventive, interactive and thought-provoking projects: Alone Together, Cats Breaking Antiques, Heart of Stars, Quetzal and tweet2hold. Come and explore these groundbreaking installations.

The following projects will be on display:

Alone Together is an “art-app” designed for the BlackBerry Playbook that uses poetic wordplay and expressive videos to ponder questions of selfhood and explore the meaning of relationships between individuals. Creative Team: Shawn Kerwin, Laurel MacDonald.

A fun, irreverent and visually rich environment to discover on a BlackBerry Playbook, Cats Breaking Antiques pokes fun at pop culture, media and our digital lives. Users explore this environment as a modernized version of Felix the Cat, destroying traditional media content and objects by engaging with a variety of mini arcade games, quizzes and animated film clips. Creative Team: Hannah Epstein, Monica Law, John Watson.

Using groundbreaking Microsoft Kinect technology, Heart of Stars turns users into 3D avatars made of points of light that float through space. Combining high resolution images of deep space with gesture-triggered operatic electronica, Heart of Stars entices users to defy gravity and attempt to fly through the cosmos. Creative Team: Vanessa Shaver, Tsu-Ching Yu.

Quetzal is an interactive story that harnesses the latest in consumer-level EEG technology to weave 2D illustrations and 3D game play into a rich narrative tapestry. Through the power of thought, users become actors in Quetzal, resulting in an engaging, emotional experience that is the future of interactive cinema. Creative Team: Michael Evask, Ryan Rizzo, Mark Thoburn. Produced & Written by: Michael Evask and Mark Thoburn.

tweet2hold asks strangers to share a secret about the future via Twitter before converting responses into unique paper keepsakes through a combination of technology and graphic design. tweet2hold also leverages the sophisticated analysis engine, Lymbix to determine the emotional tone of each secret and assign it an appropriate colour palette. Creative Team: Ryan Bigge, Edwin Lara, Dylan Reibling, Ron Wild.

Also on display during Scotiabank Nuit Blanche is The Movie Studio Playhouse, a collaboration between CFC Media Lab and TIFF, the Movie Studio Playhouse is an interactive installation that allows participants to make and play with moving image stories in real time. As participants act in spontaneously-created films, the images they create will be projected live onto various surfaces at TIFF Bell Lightbox. VJs will then mix, manipulate, mash, and multiply these live video streams and turn them into moving digital paintings.

Harnessing a wide range of creative skills and knowledge, the CFC Media Lab’s TELUS Interactive Art and Entertainment Program (IAEP) is Canada’s first post-graduate program for new media training and production, based on the philosophy that compelling content is created through a collaborative process. This team-based approach encourages residents from a variety of backgrounds, including: design, filmmaking, production, writing, visual art, music and programming. An internationally acclaimed facility, CFC Media Lab has produced award-winning new media prototypes ranging from simulation-based interactive documentaries, to wireless storytelling networks, to interactive short films and narrative-driven media installations.

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