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20th September 2011

RealDecoy and PrototypeD Partner to Foster Local Innovation

realdecoyRealDecoy, a high-value web development company with a focus on content management, eCommerce, enterprise search, application management solutions, and on the emerging field of agile business intelligence, has partnered with ProtoypeD Urban Workshops (pD). Ottawa’s newest member funded workshop for hobbyists, pD enables professionals, students, entrepreneurs, techies, hackers and artists to explore new avenues of creativity by providing them with access to creative tools, resources, and technology. This partnership enables RealDecoy employees to take advantage of the resources available in the pD space and enhances pD’s existing resources including computers, software, and equipment— including a 3D printer provided by RealDecoy.

RealDecoy has always been dedicated to creating an environment that nurtures on-going learning, development, and innovation for its employees. With this newest partnership this productive environment is extended beyond RealDecoy’s walls and is expanded to provide tools and knowledge to members in the community. With such a diverse set of individuals, skills, and knowledge available at pD, this transfer of ideas to be mutual.

“This partnership establishes RealDecoy as an employer that encourages the pursuit of employee interests and fosters their creative spark. We are providing them with the space, expertise, and resources to pursue technical projects of their own design,” said Geoff Waddington, President of RealDecoy. “Technical innovation and creative exploration are characteristics we cherish internally and we believe promoting those same qualities in our community builds greater opportunities for everyone.”

“Our collaboration with RealDecoy leverages the strengths of each of our organizations, physical manufacturing and information systems respectively, “ said Janak Alford, founder and Executive Director of pD. “This exchange-based approach to partnership represents the move toward joint collaboration and openness that are at the heart of the open-information movement, and frankly at the heart of building a solid community. The potential for members to harness the phenomenal tools and resources being offered by RealDecoy is exciting. “

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