8th September 2011

Troll Blaster Coming Soon From eMobisoft

emobisoftMobile software development firm eMobiSoft Inc. is gearing up to launch their physics challenge game “Troll Blaster” which sets out to claim its place among iOS classics.  Troll Blaster is a projectile destruction game which has players strategically select from a choice of weapons to destroy structures holding the “evil” trolls.  The player then pulls the weapon back selecting power and trajectory and then launches it smashing into the structures.

“We thoroughly enjoy projectile destruction type games such as Crush the Castle, Cannon Cadets and Angry Birds.  They were certainly our inspiration in making Troll Blaster which was an incredible experience.  We believe players will love what we’ve done with this game, it’s quite different from all of the games in its genre while at the same time being simple to pick up, learn and start playing.” said owner of eMobiSoft Inc. Lucky Gupta.troll blaster

Troll Blaster is a game in which the player is presented with an arsenal of four different weapons, a cross-bow, cannon, explosive cannon and grenade launcher.  The weapons increase in strength starting with the cross-bow to the grenade launcher; however each weapon has different effects when hitting structures that players will have to figure out.  The player has the ability to select any of the weapons (if available for the level) at any time and will need to employ strategy to complete a level. “We wanted it so that each level was like a puzzle; the solutions are sometimes simple and sometimes elaborate.  The player needs to figure out a combination of which weapons to use to finish each level.” added Mr. Gupta when discussing gameplay.

The game is currently in the final stages of beta testing and is set to officially launch within the next few weeks. “This game has been thoroughly tested and the levels are a lot of fun!  Our beta testers have been extremely positive in their response to the game.  Troll Blaster is going to provide players with a challenge that they haven’t experienced yet and we’re excited to bring this game to our iOS audience.”

“We believe that when players pick this game up and start playing it, they’ll not only get addicted, but truly love it.”  Players could view screenshots of the game and follow the progress of the game at eMobiSoft’s website right up until launch.

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