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17th May 2011

On-Board Data Systems Aviation Docs Cleared For Take-Off

on-board data systemsOn-Board Data Systems has announced the release of Aviation Docs™, a paperless flight deck solution for business jet fleet operators to securely and selectively route all documents, emails and flight plans to pilots’ Apple iPads. Pilots can now capitalize on electronic features, such as search, hyperlink and annotation support. This new release provides fleets with a new standard in document delivery that is economical, reliable and compliant with regulations for paperless operation.

Pilots around the world have discovered that the Apple iPad is an ideal device to replace traditional flight bags as an “Electronic Flight Bag” (EFB). Aviation Docs™ is a suite of tools and services offered by On-Board Data Aviation Docs Program FlowSystems (OBDS), leveraging advanced cloud technology to provide fast, reliable and secure delivery of documents to Apple iPads and traditional Windows-based EFBs anywhere in the world.

The system simplifies the task of ensuring that all electronic documents, flight manuals, training manuals, revisions and flight plans are in the pilots’ hands, up-to-date, well organized and that the process is compliant with FAA, Transport Canada and other jurisdictional regulations regarding paperless operation.

“I’ve been looking for something like this for 3 years. I can’t thank you enough for this tool”, says Joseph Mann, Manager of Flight Technology at XOJET a busy Silicon Valley Part 135 jet fleet, who recently began using Aviation Docs.

The software is intuitive and adapts to the unique requirements of fleet management. Fleet managers, jet librarians and flight dispatchers are provided with the Aviation Docs™ Ground Console that allows them to drag-and drop electronic copies of their manuals, documents, and notices into online routing folders that transfer the correct documents to the correct aircraft. Documents can be routed to one plane, all planes of the same type, the entire fleet, or to special libraries customized for the fleet. Another feature allows email to be similarly routed in this targeted manner. Pilots are automatically notified documents are waiting for them. By simply pressing one button, all documents are retrieved, organized in the appropriate folder, and an audit trail is generated.

Many fleets employ pilots to fly several aircraft. An “instant aircraft switch” feature allows the pilot to select the aircraft they’re flying from a list, and the document library switches instantly to that aircraft, thus allowing one iPad to serve several aircraft.

“Aviation Docs has enabled our growing fleet of mixed types to be easily managed from remote locations”, says Greg Young, Director of Flight Operations at Novajet, a Canadian jet charter company. “Updates and aircraft document status audits are easily verified from my office while aircraft are away from base. The iPad platform and the Aviation Docs app have proven to be the perfect solution to our needs as a diverse and growing flight department.”

The solution also ensures that flight bags always carry the latest flight planning information by allowing flight plans from ARINC, Honeywell GDC, Rockwell Collins and FltPlan.com to be automatically emailed to the document library, with no effort on the part of the dispatcher.

OBDS has been delivering documents to windows-based EFBs since 2004. Given the rising popularity of iPads, the Aviation Docs for iPad application is designed to meet the evolving needs of the business aviation industry. The app supports features such as search, hyperlink, and bookmark; pilots can now quickly find what they are looking for. The annotation tool is useful for filling out forms, signing documents and entering notes.

BC Campbell, Vice-President Flight Operations for Canada’s largest business aircraft flight department Skyservice Business Aviation states, “We have partnered with OBDS since we introduced EFBs in 2004, and have more than 50 ‘paperless’ aircraft conducting operations around the world. Together, we have established support arrangements and built procedures to facilitate a seamless and straightforward transition to the paperless cockpit. We have also worked closely with OBDS and Sky Regional Airline to help launch Canada’s first scheduled airline using iPad and Aviation Docs technologies. OBDS has been with us every step of the way.”

OBDS provides excellent training material and customer support to make the transition to paperless smooth and easy. For part 135’s implementing an EFB program, OBDS provides documentation and support to help fleets prepare an iPad-based EFB plan quickly, for presentation to the FAA and other regulatory agencies.

Aviation Docs apps for both iPad and Windows-based PC are available at no cost to subscribers of the OBDS Aviation document service.

Three key benefits of the product are:

  • Reduced weight/ costs: At 1.6 pounds, iPads weigh significantly less than traditional paper-carrying flight bags. This weight reduction quickly translates to major fuel savings and ease of transporting flight bags.
  • Reduced effort: The solution dramatically reduces the effort required to keep documents up to date throughout a fleet.
  • Reduced risk: The solution eliminates the risk of pilots flying with outdated information.

OBDS has been in business since 1991, providing document and data delivery services, EFB customization services and electronic checklist management services to over 500 flight departments in the business aviation sector.

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