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17th May 2011

ID Communications To Distribute World’s First Temple Worldwide

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ID communicationsMontreal-based ID Communications Inc. announced at the Cannes Market documentary brunch event that it has reached an agreement for the worldwide distribution of Turkish feature documentary “The World’s First Temple (Göbeklitepe)” directed and produced by Ahmet Turgut Yazman.

Archaeologists recently uncovered what seems to be a ritualistic site erected twelve thousand years ago, predating the apparition of any known faith system. The open-air temple is made of massive pillars in spiral and circular forms. The discovery of the complex archaeological site of Göbeklitepe raises many questions. Does the existence of such an archeological feat suggest that the hunter-gatherer man was far more developed than we First Templeknow? How could the builders erect 40-70 ton colossal blocks? Could the carvings serve as a code? These are just some of the questions explored in the film. Two years of investigation, two years of filming across four countries, the film finds the experts weigh-in on the implications of the findings.

“It appears clear that we have yet much to learn about the origins of man and his quest to connect with something outside himself. This film in my opinion will appeal to a broad range of scientific as well as religion themed channels around the world. It also has potential in the very same market were films such as “The Secret” and “What the Bleep Do We Know” have had such strong success. We are thrilled to be associated with the film.” said ID’s principal, Dan Shannon.

The documentary, produced in collaboration with Turkish producer Maker Arts, relies on strong and dynamic visual effects, 2D and 3D animation to bring the viewer back in time.

“When we were first introduced to this project we were overwhelmed with the message of a pre-historic civilization and amazed to find such rich archaeological findings of this type which seem to re-write much of what we know about the chronology of spiritual traditions.” said executive producer Kerem Akalin.

Of “The World’s First Temple”, filmmaker Ahmet Turgut Yazman says, “It tells the story of an extraordinary discovery that may have a profound impact on human history. As I was watching the film on the large screen for the first time, I went back to my first day on Göbeklitepe – waiting for sunrise, surrounded by mysticism, awe, thrill, and euphoria. I sincerely hope that the audience feels the same.”

The 80-minute documentary won Most Educational Documentary at the Atlanta Docufest and was selected for the Iran Ciné Vérité, the Guangzhou GZ Doc, the 47th Golden Orange Antalya, the T.A.C. International Film and Video Festival Oregon, USA and the 30th Istanbul Film Festival, Turkey.

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