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4th April 2011

Full Version of Hoard Now Available for PC and Mac

Big Sandwich GamesToday, gamers on PC and Mac finally get their hands on Big Sandwich Games’ innovative dragon-themed game of gathering treasure.  HOARD™ is available for purchase on Steam.  Purchasers who act now can take advantage of a limited time discount off the retail price of $9.99USD.  4-packs are also available for a deeper discount, encouraging friends to take advantage of HOARD™’s unique and compelling multiplayer action. HOARD™ is also available for play on PS3 and PSP.

HOARD™ is packed full of content and features for both solo and group-minded gamers.  Aspiring dragons can compete for high scores on over 35 different maps and 4 modes, ranging from single player score-attack to co-op to intense head-to-head matches.  The gameplay is an innovative and addictive mix of action and strategy, Hoard-Screenshotcreating a deceptively deep arcade experience.  Joystiq raves, “HOARD™’s gameplay shines.”  IGN agrees, having awarded HOARD™ “Best Quick Fix” honors, and nominating it for “Best Competitive Multiplayer.”  Despite the game’s quickplay nature, Big Sandwich assures gamers will find dozens of hours of gameplay in the package.  Ars Technica concurs that “HOARD will keep you scorching villages for hours on end.”

All popular Steam features are employed, including over 100 achievements, leaderboards, multiplayer matching, friend invites, stats, and Steam cloud saving.  Steam Play is also supported, meaning users who own both a PC and Mac only need buy the game once.  Several impressive new features are also making their appearance in the Steam version, including graphical boosts like Night mode and a crisp winter tileset.

“If you like dragons, gold, princesses, knights, burglars, giants, medieval villages, wizard towers, gems, or fire, you’ll probably like HOARD™,” says Tyler Sigman, Executive Producer. “But if you like great games and great value, you’ll definitely like it.”

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