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15th February 2011

SIGGRAPH 2011 Vancouver Opens Computer Animation Submissions

Siggraph 2011From the SIGGRAPH 2011 Vancouver website, where you can visit for complete submission guidelines and information on all categories. Canadian digital media designers, get your submissions in – let’s show the world what Canada Creates when visitors gather on our doorstep this summer.

In 2011, SIGGRAPH’s Computer Animation Festival celebrates its 38th year as the world’s most innovative exploration of computer-generated animation and visual effects. This four-day, international event presents an eclectic array of computer animation genres and styles ranging from narrative character animation to scientific visualization.

We would like to see ANY and ALL work from the world of animation. (for example, stop motion, scientific visualization, traditional animation, among others.) All entries must be uploaded by 15 April 2011 (22:00 UTC/GMT). Only finished works will be considered for inclusion, and all submissions must be uploaded at final resolution.

Submission Categories – The festival accepts submissions in 11 distinct categories:

1. Computer Animation Shorts – All forms of animated short pieces that contain a significant percentage of computer-generated imagery and/or digital production and are not specifically suited to one of the other nine submission categories. This includes independent shorts, character animation, sponsored creative explorations, narrative and experimental works, opening sequences, game cinematics, selections and/or montages of animated television series, machinima, and new-media formats. Shorts of any length may be submitted, but the Computer Animation Festival reserves the right to show only excerpts of selected works at the jury’s discretion.

2. Music Videos
– Commissioned and/or independent works that use any combination of computer animation, digital effects, and live action to illustrate, enhance, and/or complement a musical creation.

3. TV and Web Commercials – Advertisements created entirely or partially with computer animation and/or digital effects. Also promotional spots, broadcast bumpers and graphics, and public service announcements.

4. Visualizations and Simulations – Computer animations created to explain, analyze, or visualize information for applications including scientific research, architecture, engineering, systems simulations, education, and documentary projects.

5. Student Projects – Computer-animated works of all kinds produced to satisfy a school, coursework, and/or graduation requirement. Entries in this category qualify for Best Student Project Award consideration. The Computer Animation Festival requests that all student works be submitted under this category, regardless of genre.

6. Animated Feature Films – Selections and/or montages of computer animation created for animated feature films.

7. Visual Effects for Short Films and TV Programs – Selections and/or montages of visual effects created for short live-action films and/or for television programs.

8. Visual Effects for Live-Action Feature Films – Selections and/or montages of visual effects created for live-action feature films.

9. Real-Time Animation – Game, web, and mobile animations that are rendered in the same amount of time that it takes to play them back. Real-time technology demos are also encouraged! Real-time technology demos should be submitted to Real-Time Live!

10. Miscellaneous – Computer animations that do not fit in any of the above categories, including technology showcases, previz, and other cool stuff that hasn’t been invented yet.

11.Traditional and Stop Motion – Animation that takes us back to our roots. Without traditional and stop motion animation, we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing today!

The Computer Animation Festival reserves the right to place entries in the category that is most appropriate. Stereo 3D work will be considered and can be entered in any of the above categories.

Competition Entries and Invited Entries – The festival includes a Competition Section and an Invited Section. Entries submitted in any of the 11 categories above automatically participate in the Competition Section and are eligible for the corresponding Computer Animation Festival awards and recognitions. The Invited Section consists of special projects invited by the festival committee. The complete list of Competition and Invited Entries will be available on 1 June 2011.

Awards – On the first night of the festival, the Festival Jury will present the Best in Show Award, Jury Award, and Best Student Project Prize. The Best in Show Award qualifies the winner to be considered for nomination in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Best Animated Short Film category. An Audience Award will be announced on the last day of the conference.

Award Eligibility – All films screened in the Computer Animation Festival’s Competition Section are eligible for the Best in Show, Jury, and Audience Awards. Only those works in the Student Projects section are eligible for Best Student Project recognition. Pieces selected for the Invited Section are not eligible for awards.

Screenings – The festival will showcase jury-selected entries alongside invited works in a single program, in the tradition of SIGGRAPH’s original Electronic Theater. In addition, a few thematic and monographic screenings of both juried and curated material complement the Competition Section. For the third year in a row, selected screenings will be open to the general public in addition to conference and festival attendees.

Talks and Panels – The Computer Animation Festival includes presentations by experts on a variety of topics related to creation of computer animation and visual effects, as well as behind-the-scenes presentations by the creators whose works are screened at the festival. You are encouraged to submit a proposal for a Talk (single presenter) or a Panel (multiple presenters) about your project and/or additional relevant topics.

SIGGRAPH – Vancouver 2011 – Make It Home

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