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25th January 2011

Chaotic Box Offers Free Sample Tasting of Silverfish

Chaotic BoxChaotic Box has deployed an ad-supported Lite Version of its retro-styled title Silverfish in the iTunes App Store, silverfishinviting untested gamers to destroy the onslaught of space bugs in this intense and visually stunning arcade experience. Forget about watered down shooters with simulated controls – Silverfish was designed for touch input to provide authentic and unrelenting arcade action.

I urge you to take advantage of Retina Display if you have it, because Silverfish’s screens are bold and colourful, with beautifully done neon swirls, explosions and characters. The gameplay is very easy to control, you simply Flick Up, Down, Left, and Right anywhere on the screen to change direction and tap with 2 fingers to activate a powerup. The premise is equally simple – avoid your enemies for as long as you can and benefit from the power pellets they leave behind.

Lite Version Features

– Based on “Reaper” mode from the full version
– Game Center leaderboards and achievements
– Exclusive achievements not in the full version!
– Retina Display graphics
– Awesome realtime fluid-plasma fx
– Intuitive flick & tap anywhere controls
– Driving original soundtrack

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

As mentioned above, the Lite version is based on Reaper mode, but in the full version, you have four modes with which to weave a path of destrution on your screen. Onslaught mode arms you three bombs and four lives (I need a Cat mode so that I can have seven lives). It is your mission to outlast the enemy and survive their onslaught. The third mode is Scavenger, and with only one life to play with, death is sometimes…okay, often…swift. On the upside, I have three bombs in Scavenger with which to destroy as many Silverfish as possible before they do me in. Nasty things, I swear they hoarde the red power pellets just to taunt me. Haste mode was a recently added update that will challenge you no end – the developer took Reaper mode and fed the baddies steroids and speed.

If you want more Silverfish, grab the full version for unlimited gameplay in 4 challenging game modes. More Achievements, More Powerups, More Enemies, more fun and no ads. Be warned – whether you try the free version or buy the full version like I did – be prepared to become addicted.

frima studioQuebec’s Frima Studios and San Francisco-based Bolt Creative have announced that the recently released and wildly popular Facebook version of Pocket God is rolling out with a brand new update entitled Episode II: Clash of the Frightened. Pocket God is currently in an open beta and users can find out what all the fuss is about by heading over to checking the game out on Facebook and playing for themselves!

Here’s what is coming in Episode II: Clash of the Frightened:

* Social Quests: Combine forces with your Facebook friends to compete with rival deities across the world! Team up and take down powerful foes with a host of your favorite powers.
* Taunt Your Friends: What could be better than having a shark bite the head of your boss, or frying your roommate to a crisp with a bolt of lightning? Why, rubbing it in their face afterward, of course! Tease the friends you have sacrificed with all-new power-themed taunts.pocket god
* Choose Your Currency: Upgrade your godly presence any way you want. Acquire new powers, powerful items and glorious idols with either Pocket Change or Sacrifice Points, the two forms of currency in the game.
* Unlock Powers Early: Can’t wait to unlock exciting new powers and get the drop on your unsuspecting friends? Now you don’t have to! For a little Pocket Change or Sacrifice Points, players can catch up to their friends in the game by unlocking powers early.
* New Idols: New idols to represent the rival gods
* More Solo Quests: Players have spoken and Frima has listened – five brand new quests, one of the most popular features in Pocket God, have been added with this update to give you plenty to stay busy!

Since its debut on the world’s most popular social network in December of 2010, the Facebook version of Pocket God has grown rapidly, reaching 100,000 monthly active users in less than a month. With nearly 5,000 new users each day, you’ll be sure to never run out of Facebook friends to sacrifice!

Originally developed by Bolt Creative for iPhone and iPod Touch, the Facebook version of Pocket God features a brand new way to experience the colorful, death-inducing, all-powerful and hilarious universe of Pocket God across the world’s most popular social network. With all-new socially integrated features, episodic updates and a host of hilarious ways to both dispose of and resurrect the immortal pygmies of each island, the Facebook iteration of Pocket God offers a fresh experience for both fans of the iOS versions, and those looking for an omnipotent new twist in online social gaming.

Yummy InteractiveVancouver’s Yummy Interactive, Inc. has inked a partnership with Encore, Inc., the leading retail publisher for personal productivity, home design, education and games for PC and Mac. Encore has selected Yummy Interactive’s Shield Suite, a comprehensive Digital Rights Management solution, to manage the licensing and protect the assets of its PC products and game titles for digital and retail distribution.

“Encore was looking for a cost-effective, flexible protection and licensing system for its software applications that could be easily integrated into their existing digital and retail sales channels. Furthermore they wanted a DRM solution that would enhance user experience and trial-to-purchase conversions. Yummy’s GameShield™ and SoftwareShield™ products provide all the marketing and sales tools necessary to help businesses optimize trial downloads, while protecting their products,” said Christopher Hennebery, Yummy Interactive’s VP of Digital Distribution.

“Our engineers and sales teams are very enthusiastic about the features and functionality SoftwareShield and GameShield will bring to our PC distribution business,” said Cal Morrell, Encore’s president. “We were looking for the right partner for our PC platform products that would deliver us great value for money as well as personalized support.”

SoftwareShield and GameShield are premiere protection and licensing software suites which support software applications and video games for PC and Mac platforms. The Shield suite offers a wide range of licensing and activation methods and powereful IronWrap protection to safeguard Intellectual Property.

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