12th August 2009

RC Helicopter for Photography Made In Canada

Draganfly InnovationsSaskatoon – Aerial photographers and videographers will be excited to see the newest product from Draganfly Innovations Inc. – the Draganflyer X4 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The Draganflyer X4 is a computer-stabilized, miniature airborne platform with a wireless video downlink and remote flight control.

The four-rotor, 680 gram electric helicopter is a flying platform capable of Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL), and is classified as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The Draganflyer X4 helicopter is designed for uses such as surveying, industrial inspection, military reconnaissance, aerial photography, real estate marketing, and inspection of hazardous locations. It is lightweight, compact, easily transportable, and draganflyer X4measures only 30.5 inches (77.5cm) across.

The Draganflyer X4 helicopter is aimed at industrial and commercial users, providing reconnaissance and inspection information using an on-board wireless high definition video and high resolution still camera. The Draganflyer X4 helicopter is stabilized electronically using an on-board processor running thousands of lines of code and receiving data from seven sensors (three accelerometers, three gyros, and one barometric pressure sensor). The helicopter is able to determine its own orientation and motion based on the data it acquires through these sensors and can be piloted by a user with minimal training. Remotely controlled by its operator, the Draganflyer X4 automatically handles the complex attitude and altitude adjustments required to move at the specified speed and in the specified direction. Without this computer stabilization, the operator would have to constantly adjust the speed and orientation in order to move smoothly or stay in one place. An altitude hold feature allows the Draganflyer X4 to maintain its position in the air, even without user input. “The Draganflyer X4 provides users with amazing performance and stability” says Zenon Dragan, company president. “The Draganflyer X4 will hover stably even with the pilot’s hands removed from the controls.”

The Draganflyer X4 helicopter uses four high-efficiency carbon fiber rotors coupled with direct drive brushless motors, resulting in quiet flight and maintenance free operation. High-brightness navigation lights allow for easy determination of location and orientation. Automatic landing kicks in if the control link is lost, and an onboard flight recorder stores telemetry and flight data in a removable memory card. The 680 gram Draganflyer X4 helicopter has a payload capacity of 250 grams. The removable quick release landing gear and camera equipment allow the Draganflyer X4 to be carried in a backpack for easy transport.

The Draganflyer X4 UAV helicopter carries a camera which captures high resolution aerial photographs and high definition video. This onboard camera features remote controlled zoom, tilt, and shutter. The viewfinder signal from the camera is transmitted wirelessly from the helicopter and received by an embedded video receiver in the handheld controller. This video can also be displayed on video glasses allowing the user to see what the helicopter sees. The Draganflyer X4 handheld controller features a 2.8? color OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) touchscreen (an improvement over LCD screens because of increased brightness and higher visibility in sunlight) that displays real-time telemetry and flight data.

Draganfly Innovations Inc. has been revolutionizing the UAV industry since 2001 with its line of Draganflyer helicopters. From toys to industrial tools for police and military, Draganfly Innovations Inc. strives for optimum performance and ease of use. The Draganflyer helicopter is the first North American federally-approved UAV legal for use by emergency services in North America. Today, Draganfly Innovations Inc. continues to lead the industry with its award-winning products. All Draganflyer helicopters, including the new Draganflyer X4 are available from Draganfly Innovations Inc.

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