29th July 2009

StyleTap Announces OEM Agreement with Techneos

StyleTapToronto and VancouverStyleTap Inc. and Techneos Systems Inc. today announced the completion of an OEM agreement which allows Techneos to integrate StyleTap® Platform with its Entryware™ mobile survey application. The resulting Entryware 6.4 system enables customers to seamlessly obtain the benefits of the world’s most powerful and flexible mobile survey software on inexpensive and readily available devices running Windows Mobile™.

Entryware running on StyleTap

Entryware running on StyleTap

A primary benefit of the integration of StyleTap Platform and Entryware is the elimination of the need for separate installation and licensing of the two products. Although existing versions of Entryware execute on StyleTap Platform, Entryware 6.4 was enhanced to recognize the StyleTap environment and to take advantage of device-specific capabilities, such as high-resolution techneosscreens and support for cameras on Windows Mobile smartphones.

“Many of our key customers were already using our product with StyleTap Platform,” said Dave King, CEO of Techneos. “This integration makes it easier and faster to deploy Entryware on a wider range of devices, while maintaining a consistent user experience regardless of the hardware manufacturer. And for many of our global customers, the ability to use inexpensive devices that can easily be obtained in their local markets is essential to their use of our software.”

StyleTap Platform enables developers of proven industry-leading applications, such as Entryware, that were originally written for Palm OS® devices, to now also run them on a large multi-vendor array of devices running Windows Mobile or Symbian OS. This gives corporate customers unprecedented freedom to choose the smartphone or PDA that meets their needs while still using their preferred mobile applications.

“This agreement not only makes Entryware easier for customers to deploy on other devices,” said Gregory Sokoloff, president of StyleTap, “but as a developer, Techneos reaps the benefits of a cross-platform implementation with virtually none of the costs – instead of fighting with compatibility issues, they can focus all of their development efforts on innovative enhancements for Entryware.”

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