3rd June 2009

Seeking Canadian Businesses As Research Partners

WSIMansonville – Small and medium sized businesses across all industries and operating within Canada are invited to apply for a research project aimed to help generate higher customer conversion rates, increase revenues and jump-start local economies.

WSI (We Simplify the Internet) is a world leader in Internet marketing with over 1,500 offices in 87 countries. Select WSI offices around the globe are conducting global research on Internet marketing conversion strategies and are currently seeking qualified small and medium sized businesses in Canada to participate in this traffic conversion study.

“Our goal is to help businesses generate more revenue, despite the economic down-turn, while collecting statistical data to get a sense of how we measure up compared to the rest of the province, the country as a whole, and North America in general,” says Kimberly Nichols, owner of the local WSI office in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

While involvement in this study could dramatically improve the participants’ ability to generate business from the Internet, certain criteria must be met in order to take part. Not all businesses will qualify and space is limited in the program. “WSI accepts only about 20% of research applicants,” says Nichols.

WSI research partners are typically growth-oriented, actively seeking new clientele, and are looking to improve customer conversion rates. Many are also seeking new ways to manage their online business and cut operating costs. Businesses are encouraged to apply whether or not they currently have a website or do any type of Internet marketing. Companies who are seeing consistent growth, despite the state of the economy, are not likely to be chosen as a research partner, and need not apply.

Businesses must pay for their own research and micro-testing, all of which is conducted by a team of trained WSI research analysts. “WSI’s research partners have consistently found that this type of research project pays for itself many times over,” says Nichols.

The complexity of the experiment affects the overall cost structure, which typically ranges anywhere from $500 to $5,000 per month for a six to 12 month period. Companies with smaller marketing budgets may still apply, but may be subject to certain restrictions if accepted. Most research partners choose to re-allocate funds from their existing marketing budget, utilizing it more efficiently, as opposed to spending new money.

Each participating business must agree to allow WSI to collect and compile anonymous data for analysis and interpretation. WSI maintains the rights to the aggregate data, but participants will have access to information that is specific to their company, which is compiled into comprehensive reports with detailed explanations. This enables businesses to be better informed when making marketing decisions, since they can immediately see exactly what’s working and what’s not.

“The value of the data generated is tremendous, and micro-testing allows WSI research analysts to make small changes and measure the results in order to optimize success and increase the participants’ ROI,” says Nichols. WSI will also evaluate the research partner’s competition, to gain a sense of what the business is up against. “It’s a win-win. We get valuable data that helps us maintain our position as world leaders in the Internet marketing industry, and the participants increase their revenue, while strengthening their Internet presence and keeping up with the latest technologies.”

Space is limited, therefore, applications must be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. The deadline to apply for this project is June 30, 2009. Applications can be made online or by phone at (450) 292-3157. Businesses outside of Canada will not be accepted at this time, but may request to be added to a waiting list for future projects.

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