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  • Vancouver’s Janyse Jaud is Hela in Marvel’s Hulk Vs Thor and Lady Deathstrike in Hulk Vs Wolverine

13th March 2009

Vancouver’s Janyse Jaud is Hela in Marvel’s Hulk Vs Thor and Lady Deathstrike in Hulk Vs Wolverine


Vancouver – British Columbia-based performer Janyse Jaud voices Marvel Comics character ‘Hela’ in the new Lionsgate/Marvel animated DVD’s “Hulk Vs Thor”, and ‘Lady Deathstrike’ in “Hulk Vs Wolverine”.

Hela, daughter of ‘Loki’ and ruler of the mythical worlds of ‘Hel’/’Niffieheim’, Lady Deathstrikefirst appeared in Marvel Comics “Journey Into Mystery” #102, (March 1964) as a 7 ft. tall beauty, weighing 500 lbs with green eyes and grey hair. By the decree of ‘Odin’, ruler of the ‘Asgard’ gods, Hela was crowned absolute ruler of the spirits of the dead.

‘Yuriko Oyama’, aka Lady Deathstrike, created by Dennis O’Neil/Larry Hama and developed by writers Bill Mantlo/Chris Claremont, received her original ‘cyborg’ look courtesy artist Barry “Conan” Windsor-Smith. Debuting in “Daredevil” #197 as Yuriko and as Deathstrike in “Alpha Flight” #33, Lady Deathstrike’s father ‘Lord Dark Wind’ created the ‘adamantium’ process that was forced onto ‘Wolverine’. The villain ‘Spiral’ then bonded adamantium to Lady Deathstrike’s frame, with additional cyber-genetic enhancements.

HelaJaud’s other voicework includes ‘Orange Blossom’ in the upcoming Strawberry Shortcake feature and 26 episode series, ‘Pinkie Pie’ in Hasbro’s “My Little Pony” movies and games, ‘Cymbeline’ in “Bratz”and ‘Baby Melissa Duck’ in “Baby Looney Tunes”.The Magic of Think

Janyse Jaud is an award-winning voiceover actress, singer-songwriter and author, one of only two Canadians to be selected to appear in Harper Collins “The Vision Board” by author Joyce Schwarz. Janyse’s latest music CD has earned three Best Song nominations at the Hollywood Music Awards, Independent Music Awards and the Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards and are available via iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.

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