27th October 2008

Seeker Solutions Announces the Launch of Sprout

Todays Answer to Delivering Hyper-Personal News Content

VICTORIA – Seeker Solutions announced today its official release of Sprout 1.0, a free, online, personalized news aggregator software that allows users to obtain the latest top news stories and blogs tailored to their unique and individual preferences. Seeker Solutions created Sprout to solve the challenges of trying to sift through mass amounts of information online. As Internet users become more pressed for time, Sprout enables every user to effortlessly find news articles or blogs that are relevant to them.

Seeker Solutions unique relationship-based software engine that powers Sprout allows users to easily access a wide-range of content from thousands of news sources and blogs. Once Sprout is conveniently downloaded to the users computer, users are able to immediately begin training their Sprout interface with their individual interests.

Sprout is a concept created by a team of young entrepreneurs in Victoria, B.C. who had a vision of making life easier by finding maximum efficiency where people and technology come together. In searching for a solution to information overload, Seeker Solutions has created a powerful relevancy engine that has wide-reaching applications anywhere data is overwhelming. With Sprout, a light consumer-level infotainment product, Seeker Solutions is able to highlight the power of relevant, cross referenced results; in this case, personally relevant news and blog articles.

Before Sprout, using search engines or news services to obtain news that interests you required extensive searching; you had to know exactly what you wanted every time or flounder through reams of irrelevant information, said Duncan MacRae, founder and Director of Operations. With Sprout, you no longer have to do that. You save time and only get the news you want.

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