14th July 2008

Council On Technology Releases 11th Report

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VICTORIA – The Premier’s Technology Council has released its eleventh report, which focuses on three topics: Clean technology, regional innovation and industrial design.

Key recommendations in this report include:

Clean Technology:
Government has been proactive in addressing climate change and promoting the development
of clean technologies. Government’s regulatory reform office has also been successful in creating
effective and efficient regulatory regimes. By applying the expertise of the regulatory reform office to
some specific, green-related challenges, government can ensure B.C. remains at the forefront of clean
technology development.

• Government’s regulatory reform office should focus its efforts on the application of clean
technologies and work with the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions to anticipate future
regulatory needs.

Regional Innovation:
Government has a number of initiatives to promote regional innovation. These include
programs on broadband, economic development, science and education. The Connecting Communities
broadband initiative has achieved greater than 92 per cent service coverage, making B.C. one of North
America’s most connected jurisdictions, and work should continue to extend this advantage. Other
innovation programs can be made more effective through the support of sustained co-ordination at the
grassroots level and through encouraging industry and academia to share challenges and solutions at
the regional level.

• Government should continue its program to deploy broadband Internet services across the
province, especially recognizing needs in First Nations communities and regional residential
and commercial clusters near existing services.
• Government should increase coordination between B.C.’s post-secondary institutions,
organisations and companies to create regionally relevant, internationally competitive research.

Industrial Design:
Industrial Design (ID) is an effective means for companies to gain a competitive advantage,
particularly in mature markets. Through increased sales, improved profit margins and higher stock
performance, ID is a driver of the innovation and commercialization of technologies. The recent rise to
university status of the Emily Carr University of Art and Design indicates government’s recognition of

• Government should develop a plan for the promotion of Industrial Design as a key component
of B.C.’s innovation economy.

The Premier’s Technology Council was established in August 2001 to advise the government
on issues related to the advancement and application of technology in British Columbia. More
information about the council and copies of its reports and recommendations are available on the
Premier’s website at www.gov.bc.ca/prem/ – follow the links to Premier’s Technology Council.

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