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26th August 2013

Ortsbo Announces Additional Global Customer Care Partnership Program

ortsboOrtsbo, Inc., a subsidiary of Intertainment Media Inc., announced today that is has signed a strategic partnership and services agreement with a private Telecommunications Consulting Group to work with Ortsbo to facilitate sales of the Ortsbo Software as a Service (SaaS) language technology to major global business process outsourcing firms, telecom companies and to call center and communications technology providers.

The agreement, which is for an initial period of two years with an option to mutually renew, identifies a number of industry leading potential clients that already have an existing relationship with the consulting group and provides potential, not guaranteed business targets in the range of up to 20,000 installed “seats” using the Ortsbo technology.

The partnership also provides the right for the consulting group to invest up to $1 Million in an approved future Ortsbo equity offering as determined by Intertainment Media.

This agreement follows an announcement by Ortsbo with TELUS International last week and an agreement signed earlier this year with StarTek Inc.

“Ortsbo continues to establish itself as a global leader in enabling multi-lingual customer care services via its cloud based, SaaS platform that connects easily and seamlessly with existing Customer Care technology,” said Ortsbo President & CEO, David Lucatch. “Our goal is to quickly and efficiently roll out Ortsbo to BPO’s, direct relationships, telecom companies and technology providers. This agreement and the expertise of the team will allow us to accelerate our ongoing sales programs.”

As the need to globalize business practices continues, providing customer support, care and communications across a wide range of languages can be costly and logistically challenging. Today, there are many instances where companies cannot deliver service and support in all of the languages represented by their customers in real-time across its communication initiatives.

The Ortsbo Global Customer Care platform makes it possible for a company’s customer care and support services providers to establish web-based customer care across languages cost efficiently and in real-time.

As an example, a customer service or support agent in on offshore location can now work in English, conducting web-chats with customers in a multitude of languages. During a chat session, agents can type in their native language with the customer receiving a response in his or her own language. Conversely, the customer types in their native language with the agent receiving the reply in his or her native or preferred language. Ortsbo’s proprietary and patent pending technology tunes the language for the particular domain and customer care context. As a result, the customer experience rivals the speed and accuracy of staffing with multi-lingual agents.

In the current state of the market, companies typically pay a significant premium for multi-lingual agents, require a minimum core team offering a language and depend heavily on locally available language capabilities. With the Ortsbo Global Customer Care solution, geographical availability, language training and other premiums are not required as a customer care center simply enables the current agents without having to make special staffing accommodations for each additional language. This represents an order of magnitude value proposition for most customer care operations.

Central to Ortsbo’s sales and market leadership strategy is to partner with organizations that have a significant presence in the global customer care arena.

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