1st February 2013

Make Change with Arcadecraft

firebase industriesFirebase Industries Ltd. is proud to announce that their sophomore game, Arcadecraft, is now available on the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace for the price of 240 MS Points.  Arcadecraft puts the player in the role of a 1980 video game arcade entrepreneur, when video games were seen as nothing more than a passing fad to be capitalized on. Bank loan in hand, deep in debt, and tied to a lease, the player must use their finances to purchase arcade machines from the multiple manufacturers and then move and rotate them into position within their arcade. Attracting customers with the hottest new games, players start building a fortune one quarter at a time while navigating the financial rollercoaster ride that was the historic fast rise, immediate collapse, and glorious return of the arcade industry over six full years of accelerated time simulation.

Arcadecraft features near 80 arcade machines in Standup, Cocktail, Cockpit, and Import configurations. Players may change the difficulty and price parameters per machine to discover the ideal payoff settings. They must also keep on top of a pressure cooker of full coin boxes, game malfunctions, and jammed coin slots.

Players name their space, paint the walls, change the floors, add graphics, and colorful neon to  make the arcade their own! They may also decorate and serve with vending machines and novelty items such as Christmas Trees and Halloween Pumpkins.arcadecraft

Visitors, from expert game players, salesmen, and game collectors appear in the arcade offering their services while power outages, home versions of games,  industry shifts, and more work to get in the way of financial freedom!  Players will also see their Xbox Live friends enjoying the games in their arcade but will need to keep a close eye on them less they go on a machine smashing rampage.

Providing around 4 full hours of gameplay, an online scoreboard for Xbox Live Gold Members, and great replay value, Arcadecraft sets a high standard for games on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace.

Owners of Firebase’s previous game, Orbitron: Revolution (80 MS Points) will be able to access an exclusive Orbitron: Revolution arcade machine via a passcode system shared between both games.

Start to finish, Arcadecraft was made by two full time industry veterans of Firebase Industries over a period of 11 months. Calling in favors from talented industry friends such as Mass Effect cinematics director Shane Welbourn, and established audio service provider Studio X Labs, Arcadecraft has been given a fun and professional level of production value.

Proving popular, Firebase has plans for regular updates to Arcadecraft! These include more machines, pinball machines, service items, furniture, extra years of simulation, and even other entire arcade locations to expand to.

Arcadecraft is also currently on Steam Greenlight for voting and is hoped to be released on Windows 8 for touch enabled devices.

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  1. Tami Quiring (@VillageGamer)
    1:50 am on February 1st, 2013

    Make Change with Arcadecraft by @FirebaseIND http://t.co/RqAZn2tc

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