22nd May 2012

Xoomfile Version 3 Now Available

xoomfileXoom Data Services, Inc. has launched the newest versions of the acclaimed Xoomfile software.  Version 3 is a significant leap forward in both speed and usability with the interface adopting a more comfortable feel for the common user.  Add to this the use of GPU encryption and compression that they’re best known for and the software becomes one of the most powerful, biz-app with super-computing to date.

Xoomfile is a software application that enables the sending and receiving of files of any size using diplomatic-grade encryption and compression to insure the file cannot be viewed by 3rd parties, including the staff of Xoom Data Services.

“The goal,” says Xoomfile founder and CTO Robert Gagnon, “was to build an easily used method for people to send and verify the pickup of large or sensitive files quickly and easily while knowing the recipient was the only person who ever saw it.  With Version 3, we realize that goal.”

The most significant difference between Xoomfile and other encryption and compression systems designed for the transferring of files is speed and ease-of-use.  Xoomfile uses dozens of techniques to simplify and accelerate the sending and protecting of files, including use of GPU (Graphical Processing Units) for optional Hyper-Speed acceleration.By shifting the encryption and compression from the computer’s processor to the graphics card with its faster processing and increased number of cores, Xoomfile takes the work away from the computer’s limited processing capabilities.  In the end, the speed of sending a file will be dictated by the senders upload rates and not their machine.  XoomFile even provides a speed test on their site so you’ll know the rate as which you can expect your file to be sent.

To put it in real-world terms, the software operates a lot like having a jack hammer and a hand-held hammer.  For your normal everyday tasks a hand held hammer does the trick.  When it’s time to hang a painting, nothing does the job better and if you needed to tear up your sidewalk, it could be done albeit painfully slow.  Xoomfile is the jack hammer.  When you need to type up a Word document your computer’s CPU is great but when you need to encrypt and compress a file, it’ll get the job done … it’s just painfully slow because it’s not built to accomplish that task quickly.

With Xoomfile Version 3, Xoom Data Services, Inc has added:

  • a new interface with drap-and-drop file selection
  • PKI support for increased security.  Public-Private Key ensures that it’s easy to encrypt and decrypt between two people without needing to pass along the secret (password)
  • Increased compression speed (1000% faster)
  • New pricing plans to support businesses and usage practices of a wider array
  • Auto-update feature on the software

Free To Try

Xoomfile is currently offering 10 free credits (that’s enough to send 10GB) for new users.

Dave Davies, Xoom’s VP of Online Marketing notes of this choice, “One of the hurdles we face is that people don’t know how slow and insecure what they’re currently using is.  We can say we’re faster but what does that mean?  To help answer this question we’re allowing people to get a good chance to try our software with multiple files knowing that once they do, going back to email or other insecure file sharing methods and services will be an obvious problem.”

For people who’d like to take advantage of the free trial, simply download the software from xoomfile.

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  1. Tami Quiring (@VillageGamer)
    11:27 am on May 22nd, 2012

    .@xoomfile Version 3 Now Available http://t.co/lclII4bF

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