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24th April 2012

Silanis Makes it Easier to Collaborate on Automated Customer Transactions

silanisEnterprise electronic signature solutions developer Silanis has announced the enhanced Document Services functionality in Silanis e-Sign Enterprise™ 4.1. As organizations automate their customer-facing transactions, the question becomes how to securely collaborate and exchange electronic documents with customers, external business partners and even other departments that do not have access to the same systems – without the process falling back to paper, or opening up the network.

As a result, the way in which Silanis’ e-signature solution prepares, formats and secures documents for the electronic signing process has a big impact on being able to easily share and distribute documents during the transaction and after it is completed. Enhanced Document Services such as document merge, document conversion, document insertion (scan/fax documents), barcoding, watermarking and flattening facilitate collaboration.

“Collaboration is all about making it easier for organizations to do business with external parties,” said Tommy Petrogiannis, Silanis CEO and co-founder. “Automating a transaction is about more than simply capturing electronic signatures. There are many interactions that need to happen with the documents and signers to complete an electronic transaction. Making it easy to keep those interactions electronic is essential to achieving straight-through processing. Otherwise, you drop back to paper and lose the benefits of staying electronic.”

Document Merge – Document Merge is a new capability within Silanis’ Document Services. It is a service for assembling multiple PDF documents into a single PDF file. In a paper-based review scenario, such as when customers are physically present at a branch or store to sign documents, a series of documents often needs to be printed for them to read before they can electronically sign. Considering that mortgage applications or wealth management products often involve more than a dozen multi-page documents, a single PDF becomes easier to print.

Inserting Paper Documents Into an Electronic TransactionSilanis e-Sign Enterprise allows paper documents to be added to a transaction at any point, even after participants have begun signing other documents. Documents that are inserted may require signature or may simply be provided as supporting material. In transactions such as a mortgage refinancing application, for example, the applicant may need to provide proof of employment, or as in insurance, proof of a driver’s license. In this case, participants can be given the option to upload a scanned document or fax-in paper. The Silanis platform then automatically inserts the document into the transaction using a barcode to identify it.

Document Conversion – Users can now submit Microsoft® Word® or OpenDocument text files to the Silanis e-signature platform without first manually converting them to PDF. This is especially relevant to the financial services industry. An insurance carrier’s independent field agents often have their own documents to add to a new business application process. These are non-standard legal documents supplied by the customer, such as a power of attorney form or medical report. Once the agent has received the document from the customer and uploaded it or faxed it in, Silanis e-Sign Enterprise will then automatically convert it to PDF and insert it into the transaction – meaning one less detail for the agent to take care of.

Secure Document Delivery – After the transaction is completed, electronic records have to be distributed to customers. Silanis’ Document Services include features like document flattening, watermarking and digital signature encryption to enable secure document delivery independent of an enterprise’s internal systems.

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