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12th April 2012

EZ-Robot Releases Next Generation Robotic Control Software

mini-orbyEZ-Robot has announced the release of its latest firmware, codename “HiFive!” for the EZ-Builder platform. This significant update introduces biped support with user defined GAIT positioning to allow for customizable actions like walking, crouching, turning left or right, kicking, balancing and more.

After customizing the actions, integration with Wii remotes, joystick’s, speech recognition and more can be added through a drop down menu. Along with biped support users will now have access to double servo resolution, individual servo speed control, substantially faster vision tracking, realtime scripting and many more unique features.

Download HiFive! for free on EZ-Robot’s website and instantly experience the benefits of the continually progressing software. Higher servo resolution allows you to fine tune your robot like never before; combined with the new servo speed control, your robot will be moving with accurate precision and timing. Vision tracking was also a priority for this update. “Increasing the speed of your camera to locate and track an object, color, movement or glyph by up to 60% became very important with the increased resolution of the servo’s” said DJ Sures, CEO of EZ-Robot. “The faster camera tracking speed creates a seamless integration between your robots vision and movements, giving the creator the ability to add a unique personality to each robot they create.”

“Providing the tools to change the world – that’s what we do. With the HiFive! update we continue to push the boundaries of robotics farther than ever before,” stated DJ. “In the never ending pursuit to offer the best robotics experience possible, EZ-Robot re-invests in itself to add new features on a regular basis.”

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