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  • One Third Of Canadians Have Lost Or Had Their Smartphone Stolen

21st February 2012

One Third Of Canadians Have Lost Or Had Their Smartphone Stolen

PayPalLeading into Fraud Prevention Month, a new PayPal survey has revealed that Canadians are saying one thing, but doing another when it comes to mobile security. As Canadians begin to use their mobile phones for more than just texting and talking, they are advised to do a better job keeping an eye on these devices.

According to a January 2012 survey conducted by Ipsos Reid on behalf of PayPal Canada, 28% of smartphone owners in Canada have either lost or had their smartphone stolen, creating ample opportunity for criminals to defraud them of financial data and personal information, unless their devices are properly protected.

At the same time, Canadian smartphone owners increasingly feel insecure about information that is transmitted across digital devices. The survey reveals that 43% don’t trust that their mobile phone applications and hardware will keep their personal details safe and secure, and 80% of Canadian smartphone users are concerned about financial privacy and sharing personal or credit card details when making mobile purchases and transactions.

And yet there are several simple steps Canadians can take to help protect themselves and feel more confident that their personal details are safer and secure. Just a few of these simple steps include:

  • What to consider when downloading the latest applications for mobile devices
  • How to set up your device to keep your information protected
  • How Canadians can identify and help protect themselves from fraud, and how to avoid scams including new trends such as SMISHING

PayPal’s fraud models and approach to security are recognized as some of the strongest in the industry and, because PayPal does not share a users’ financial information with merchants, security and privacy are built into the service. Canadians make a mobile transaction using PayPal almost once every minute, and with over four million active accounts in Canada, PayPal is a leader in the Canadian m-commerce space.

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