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17th February 2012

New Parent Workshops Simplify Kids’ Safety And Security On The Internet

Kid Internet Safety GuruGary Hyman, principal of CT, Inc. has officially put the Kids’ Internet Safety industry on notice: The Internet can be potentially dangerous for the unassuming child. Parents need to take a shared approach to the safety of their children on the Internet – it is all about the safety and security of the Internet for your kids.
“I’ve seen many Internet Safety presentations where the parents leave with a feeling of overwhelm and powerlessness. Our intent is the complete opposite – give the parents exactly what they need, in small, digestible and helpful chunks,” says Gary. “The Internet Safety and Security Workshops are specifically designed for parents with limited computer skills. Parent walk away with a sense of being in control again”.

Terry McElrea, Principal at Glad Park Public School, remarked, “Mr. Hyman’s work is quite beneficial to parents as it allows them to leave each session with comprehensible information that they can act on immediately, related to their child’s Internet safety. The workshops are practical and convenient, allowing for offline and online access, and the content is responsive to parent needs and requests.” Mr. McElrea further adds, “These sessions are part of our efforts to provide an effective course of action to help our learning community with Internet safety issues.”

Each workshop is sensibly and practically designed with the intent of making sure parents can act on the information they receive. Mr. Hyman removes the non essentials and delivers what makes the most sense for parents and their kids safety and security on the Internet. Parents will feel like they have not wasted their time – learning, collaborating and getting excellent practical and actionable information. These Internet Safety workshops  also take into account a parent’s busy schedule, and are available offline or online.

It is a know fact that parents need to be involved in guiding their kids safety on the Internet. The workshops provide an excellent mechanism for parents to learn from and teach their kids in an unobtrusive and trustful manner. The workshops not only show how to build a solid technically safe foundation at home, but also how to incorporate important non technical guidelines into every workshop.

As a parent, you will be able to increase the safety of your kids on the Internet by just visiting the Kid Internet Safety Blog. The blog is structured for practical and intuitive advice.

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