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1st February 2012

Enviromon Develops New Environmental Monitoring Technology

enviromonEnviromon.net, a division of Windsor company Netmon Inc., has launched CloudHawk – a new cloud-based environmental monitoring service that allows businesses and consumers to monitor environmental conditions from anywhere in the world through a secure web browser.

All of Enviromon’s sensors are supported including temperature/humidity, water leakage, airflow and many more.  If a condition changes, CloudHawk sends an alert via text message or email. CloudHawk sensor bundles are available via the web site, and start at $22.92 per month, including all of the necessary sensor hardware. CloudHawk offers discounts to government agencies.cloud-based monitoring service with easy-to-use text messaging and email alerting systems. Online access to sensor data from any web browser or mobile device.

“Imagine being able to check the airflow in your server room, the temperature of your storage coolers, or the humidity of your rental property from any location.  At a glance you can see measurements sorted by location and get instant notification if a condition changes,” said Lamoureux.  “CloudHawk helps to prevent disastrous situations for business, and minimize costly downtime.”

CloudHawk works with sensors installed on-site.  It’s applicable to a wide variety of industries including telecommunications, cold storage, and manufacturing.  CloudHawk is also available to consumers who may own multiple properties and need to monitor them remotely.

CloudHawk is beneficial in controlled environments like laboratories, restaurants, and cold-storage.  “We can put sensors in all types of environments, and monitor them from any location with an internet connection including mobile devices and iPads,” said Lamoureux.

For additional information please contact Eric Lamoureux at 519-945-8632, extension 250.

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