6th December 2011

Heroes Of The North Fleur-de-Lys Blooming

Heroes of the NorthHeroes of the North comics have never shied away from controversy and this book is no exception. Telling a story of familial abuse at the hand of an English Canadian stepfather, the book relates the schism that happened between the young girl who will one day become Quebec’s sole superhero and her older brothers who will embrace a nihilistic view of the world through the years of abuse they suffered, leading them to create the Nouveaux Felquistes, aka the New FLQ, a group dedicated to the absolute sovereignty of the province of Quebec through violent and explosive means.

Written by Yann Brouillette, with pencils, inks and colours by Montreal artist Olivier Raymond, the book packs quite a punch and features a stunning conclusion. It also conveys the message that whatever the hand life serves you, the choice always remains yours. “The comic is yet a deeper look into the world of Heroes of the North, and particularly in the case of Fleur-de-Lys, a welcome exploration of the complexities of her family bonds and the impact it has between two strongly divergent point of views, an aspect we could only hint at in the live action episodes,” commented Christian Viel, president of Movie Seals Digital, producer of the superhero web series and publisher of the comics. “The story of Heroes of the North is slowly unfolding and will soon reach a deafening climax.”

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