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  • Tara Kelly Named Western Finalist In 2011 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award for Start-Ups

30th November 2011

Tara Kelly Named Western Finalist In 2011 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award for Start-Ups

splice softwareThirty-four-year-old Tara Kelly, Founder and President of SPLICE Software Incorporated, has become the Western Finalist in the 2011 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award for Start-Up Companies. In less than five years, this Calgary-born mother of two took a revolutionary concept – personalized human voice messaging – and turned it into a million dollar company and international leader in the unified communications field.


Back in 2006, armed with her vision of making technology more “human”, Tara raised the $1.2 million capital required to create SPLICE’s proprietary software back, then headed out into a crowded industry to prove that ‘personalization’ makes a difference. The results speak for themselves: tripled sales in 2010.

But ask Tara what she’s really proud of and you’ll hear countless stories of the positive impact her products have had on her clients: “Time and time again my clients have been amazed by the results we’ve yielded – not just by the ROI, but by the positive customer experience it created.”

SPLICE provides authentic human voice personalized interactions across all forms of automated communication, including telephony, video, texting, websites and/or email. Their patented technology enables enterprises to efficiently and effectively communicate with their database of customers so that customers receive timely, relevant, personalized information that is of value to them: SPLICE is all about improving customer experience. In return, enterprises reap the benefits of these customized call campaigns: up to four times the amount of store traffic and a doubling in sales, statistics which outperform all other forms of direct marketing campaigns (i.e.: mail outs).

SPLICE’s personalized call interactions include features such as customized messaging, touchtone interactive voice response programming, interactive voice recording and voice to text. These features are bundled into three main products, VoiceMerge, Splash, and TouchPoint. The output of these products include, notifications, reminders, thank you’s, newsletters, surveys and targeted marketing.

All of SPLICE’s innovative products use the seamless “voice merge” technology where it SPLICEs, normalizes and engineers personalization variables into scripts to create a truly authentic sounding call. It creates an impression that a client personally called the customer. And because research has proven that customers respond to a human voice, SPLICE boasts higher customer connection rates to live customers or answering machines, with a 95% connection rate and a 45 second average listening time.

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