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18th November 2011

Desire2Learn Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning Announced

stlheThe Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) and Desire2Learn Incorporated desire2learnhave announced the 2012 inaugural Desire2Learn Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning. This Award, which is now open for submissions, celebrates and recognizes innovative approaches that promote learning in new ways at post-secondary institutions.

Applications are invited from individuals with a demonstrable record of innovation(s) in areas including pedagogical approaches, teaching methods, course design, curriculum development, assessment methods, various tools and technologies that enhance learning and have had a significant impact on post-secondary education.


  • Classroom and course management innovations including new ways of teaching that promotes student engagement, reorganization of course(s) that improves students’ ability to apply what they learn, course content that clarifies historical changes in theory, novel assignments that lead to increased student engagement, student publications, and/or activities that bring students from diverse backgrounds together.
  • Leadership in innovation that forges new paths and inspires others within and beyond the institution including mentoring colleagues about innovative approaches, working in administrative and service positions to promote innovation, actively participating in committees to promote or create innovation and other pathways that enhance learning.
  • Championing new visions of teaching excellence through the scholarship in teaching and learning, including professional contributions to discussions, presentations, newsletters, publications, and other modes for sharing innovation.

The submission should clearly describe:

  1. The original and evolving goals of the innovation(s).
  2. A brief description of the innovation(s).
  3. The underlying philosophy and strategies used to guide, implement and refine the innovation(s).
  4. A context in which the innovation(s) were conceived and applied.

While the landscape for innovation is broad, ultimately, it must have a notable and sustained impact for student learning and development. Evidence of impact can include feedback from students, colleagues and independent assessments. In addition, a description of past awards related to innovation, letters from past students, results from qualitative and quantitative experiments and enquiries, measures of change in student achievement and success rates, and other indicators deemed relevant are encouraged.


Awards are open to all instructors currently teaching at a post-secondary institution, regardless of discipline, level, or term of appointment. Applications in French or English are welcomed. Candidates need not be members of STLHE to apply.

Application Procedure

Applications are limited to 25 numbered pages, 12-point font, and must include:

  • Application form (current position, contact information, highest degree/institution, PR contact).
  • Official letter of endorsement from the institution’s senior academic officer (equivalent to the vice-president, academic, provost, or director of college).
  • A description of the applicant’s innovative approaches, contributions, and accomplishments in areas such as pedagogical frameworks, teaching methods, course design, curriculum development, assessment methods, various tools and technologies.
  • Provide a rationale as to why these contributions are considered innovative.
  • Additional Support—Documentation including letters, feedback or ratings, and excerpts of reports, newsletter contributions, or publications (maximum 10 pages).

Note—Tangible evidence documenting and supporting the impact and effectiveness of innovative practices will be given more weight than general statements of opinion, or praise that is unsubstantiated. The Selection Committee will not read any supporting documentation that exceeds the ten-page limit or a dossier that exceeds 25 pages.

Selection Process

Nominations will be reviewed by a sub-committee appointed by the STLHE Board of Directors, comprised of the Desire2Learn Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning Program Coordinator and four members of the STLHE. Each Committee member will serve for a minimum of two years.

Submission Deadline

The deadline for applications is Wednesday, February 29, 2012.

The completed application and supporting documentation should be submitted in a single PDF file, on or before the deadline, through this following Drop Box account:


All applications received in the Dropbox will be acknowledged upon receipt by an automated return email reply so applicants will know their submissions have been received.

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