6th May 2011

Beep By Big Fat Alien Now On Steam

Big Fat AlienGame industry veteran Kiaran Ritchie’s new studio Big Fat Alien is proud to announce the release of its debut title BEEP, launching today on Steam with a launch special of 10% off the list price of $9.99 USD. BEEP is an action/puzzle, 2d-platformer with physics-based gameplay. You control a small robot equipped with an anti-gravity device that can pick-up and manipulate almost anything in the level, including enemies.
BEEP Fungi Forest
BEEP is the culmination of 18-months of work by three people; a programmer, an artist and a musician. The game presents a unique twist on the platformer genre by allowing the player to grab and manipulate the environment with an anti-gravity device. This multi-use tool is useful for clearing obstacles, solving puzzles and even as a weapon by flinging projectiles at enemies.

The game is presented in a slick 16:9 widescreen format with unique and stylish vector artwork. 24 levels are split amongst 6 different environments on 3 different planets. The player can control a spaceship to deploy BEEP-Bots to the individual levels on the planets. Each level contains anti-matter fuel which, when collected, opens-up new locales.

Try before you buy, download the BEEP demo now. BEEP is also available on BeamDog and Impulse and appears like it could be rated E for Everyone.

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