7th February 2011

IBM Supports CATA i-CANADA Initiative

CATAThe CATAAlliance initiative i-CANADA and IBM Canada have announced that IBM is becoming a Diamond Sponsor of the i-CANADA program, designed to spur the development of Intelligent Communities across the country. i-CANADA’s goal is to use advanced communications and collaborative applications to generate economic growth, build skills, support new social initiatives and improve the delivery of government and business services.
“The need to create Intelligent Communities is more urgent than ever”, said Pat Horgan, IBM Manufacturing, Development and Operations Vice President. “To compete in the 21st century economic environment, cities will need to better apply advanced information technology, analytics and system thinking to develop more entrepreneurial citizen-centric approaches to their development. By doing so, they can better attract, create, enable and retain their citizen’s skills, knowledge and creativity. Forward looking civic leaders will alter their investment strategies to optimize city services around highly skilled, innovative citizens and communities, as well as knowledge-intensive businesses. IBM supports fully the i-CANADA program of catalyzing the country as an Innovation Nation through the development of intelligent communities of world top class.”

“We are pleased to see the power and momentum of IBM enrolled in our program dedicated to the creation of intelligent communities across the country”, noted Bill Hutchison, Chair of i-CANADA. “IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative and their advanced Smart Cities Assessment tools and associated services are helping cities all over the world to identify strategic areas of competitive improvement. The world’s leading i-Nations consistently have high rankings in innovation, productivity, job creation and social prosperity. Our goal is to bring at least 30 Canadian communities into their ranks as defined by the Intelligent Community Forum in New York.”

Mr. Hutchison added that “We see i-CANADA as the new “National Dream”, much like the original railroad across the country, but with the 21st century view where communications are the rails of light, carrying knowledge and ideas between the shining communities of a global intelligent economy. The vision for i-CANADA is a nation of provincial and local Intelligent Communities large and small, urban and remote, featuring great places to live with innovation cultures leveraging unified and intelligent communication infrastructures, supporting growth in jobs and the economy in tandem with social prosperity for all citizens.”

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