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Big Fish Games Releases Azada: Ancient Magic

[1]SEATTLE – August 29, 2008 – Big Fish Games™ [1], the world’s leading online destination for games and interactive entertainment, today announced the launch of Azada: Ancient Magic [2], developed by Big Fish Games Studios and available exclusively at BigFishGames.com. Following the success of the original hit Azada, the first puzzle-adventure game developed for online digital distribution, the sequel, Azada: Ancient Magic raises the bar for games in this emerging casual genre to new heights.

“We all agreed that we didn’t want to do a quick sequel with just more one-page puzzles; we had a responsibility to the fans to take things much further,” said Emmanuel Marty, director of Big Fish Games Studios Europe. “Where Azada had pages, Azada: Ancient Magic has entire books, over 20 of them including a secret book exclusively for players who completed the original Azada.” [2]
“Azada: Ancient Magic uses the best elements of the original game and transports players into a much deeper experience,” said Patrick Wylie of vice president of studios at Big Fish Games. “Incorporating heroes, villains, and legends from classic stories gives the game a dramatic appeal and a feeling of familiarity.”

[3]Azada: Ancient Magic [2] is the second title in the critically-acclaimed Azada series. The game is available exclusively at BigFish Games. The trial version can be downloaded for free; the unlimited version is available for $19.99 (U.S.).

Azada: Ancient Magic Story Line
Players arrive via a mysterious transport once again to an enchanted mansion, this time in the library of Uncle Argus. Titus, the guide from the original Azada, explains that a deeper, darker magic threatens their survival, and only a Master Puzzler can [4] break the powerful spell. Players are encouraged to explore the shelves and books that contain Argus’s life work: more than 20 puzzle books containing classic tales. Some of literature’s most famous characters are depicted, waiting to interact and engage with players. Some of the iconic storybook characters include: Dracula, Rapunzel, King Arthur, Henry Jekyll, Buffalo Bill and Robinson Crusoe.