13th October 2011

Beware The Curse of the Powder Monkey

xmg studioFor many a month, the crafty coders at XMG Studios have been as busy as buccaneers readying the sails and their new game “Powder Monkeys” for launch. They’ve had plenty of piratey fun, the odd sword battle, and truth be told they’ve even plundered the rum reserve more than once, but now’s the time to head to ship ya land lover. XMG’s “Powder Monkeys” sets sail in the App store today, and now you can start testing their awesome iOS game.

Take on the epic adventure to regain control of your landPowder Monkeys that’s become over-run by villainous bugs. XMG’s “Powder Monkeys” is available for all iDevices at $0.99 USD in the Adventure & Action gaming category.

Ready yer cannons and set sail on a high seas adventure as you lead the Powder Monkeys in their quest to rid the world of the evil bugs plaguing all monkey-kind. “Powder Monkeys” combines RPG-style exploration with tower-defense-style battles for a fun, adventuresome game.

Key Game Features

  • Epic Battle of Good vs Bugs – Join the crew of “Powder Monkeys” in a battle against the villainous bugs led by Fidel Mantis. Throughout your voyage you’ll encounter hundreds of characters both good and bad.
  • Name Your Captain and Set Sail – As the leader of the Monkey Navy you’ll have to keep your wits about you as you explore the vast seas. You’ll never know what awaits you in the fog: A hidden treasure chest or a nasty roach waiting to ambush you.
  • A Boat-Load of Quests – Wander the seas aimlessly plundering and battling as you go, or follow a directive to exterminate a particularly nasty bug. Complete a quest and be rewarded with coins, resources, bullets, or even experience points and power-ups.
  • Ready Yer Cannons and Blast Those Bugs – Choose your ammo and blast away. You’ll have to choose between hard-hitting bullets like the coconut that will knock those bugs’ socks off or defensive ones like the umbrellas that will repel the enemy’s shots. With over 50 types of bullets and only three slots in your hold, you’ll have to choose your loadout carefully.
  • Customize Yer Ship – Use the resources you plunder and win in battle to upgrade your ship making you a stronger and stronger opponent to Fidel Mantis and his bratty bugs.

Powder Monkeys is rated 4+ and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices running iOS 4.3 or later.


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