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PPLCONNECT Launches Open Beta Of First-Ever Virtual Smartphone

pplconnect [1]Montreal’s PPLCONNECT [2] has announced the open beta launch of their widely anticipated virtual smartphone technology. The PPLCONNECT platform virtualizes a phone’s capabilities, enabling it to be used through any other device at any time. Users can text, update contacts and make calls from their own number using a tablet, laptop or even another smartphone by logging in to their virtual smartphone from a web browser.

PPLCONNECT frees users from the limitations of their devices such as being stuck in one phone, restrictions within their operating system, running out of local storage space or high operator costs and roaming charges. The PPLCONNECT app seamlessly links a users’ smartphone to their virtual smartphone. Once the link is active, users can then log-in to their virtual smartphone on any device via the Chrome browser. The PPLCONNECT app is available for download [3] for free as part of the open beta launch today on Android devices from the Google Play store.

The company’s technology is the first to free a smartphone from being tied to one physical device. This is achieved by leveraging cloud technology, real-time communications, VoIP and SMS over the internet as well as cross-platform OS technology. PPLCONNECT is currently available for download on Android and use through the web on any internet enabled device.

PPLCONNECT will liberate consumers from the barriers of their mobile devices, as we envision a true cross-platform, OS-agnostic future,” explained Co-founder, Denzil D’Sa. “Our lives are digital, but when it comes to our mobile communications, we are dependent, even trapped, in the physical hardware of our devices. We are proud to lead users towards true mobile freedom.”

The company’s alpha technology was unveiled at SXSW in March of 2013, followed by a private beta launch at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco in September. “We are 100 percent dedicated to creating an amazing user experience,” said Co-founder Jenviev Azzolin. “The support from our initial users proves that consumers are ready to be freed from the confines imposed by traditional mobile device manufacturers. We’ve built the technology that is driven by users’ needs, first and foremost.”

Users who download the open beta launch of the app will also receive a $2 gift in calling credits ahead of the holiday season. This is roughly equivalent to 60 local calling minutes.

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