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Two New Books Chronicle True Crime In Alberta And Saskatchewan

Orby Reads [1]As veteran crime reporters, the trials and tragedy of murder, rape, and robbery are what consume Barb Pacholik and Ryan Cormier. They have come to learn what motivates criminals as well as all the grisly details that most people experience second hand on TV. New from the University of Regina Press [2] are two new books that chronicle some of the prairie’s most notorious killers and crimes spanning the last century. From back alleys to bedrooms to the gallows, these accounts cover everything from Alberta’s largest mass execution to chilling cold cases that have dominated recent headlines.

“I love the morgue,” deadpans Pacholik, author of Boiling Point and Cold Cases: More Saskatchewan Crime Stories [3], the third installment of her best-selling true crime series. “The newspaper morgue,” she hastens to clarify.  “It’s like a crypt for all those long-forgotten tales in the land of the deadly lies.”Boiling Point And Cold Cases [3]

About Boiling Point:

“The body would have been nearly impossible to identify. There was so little of it left, for one thing.” Thus begins the sordid tale of the “Scissors Grinder,” one of 40 heart-pounding true crime stories that will have you looking over your shoulder. Or keeping your bedside light on at night. With this and other blood-curdling accounts veteran crime writer Barb Pacholik offers up another installment in her best-selling series of true crime books set in Saskatchewan. This time she pursues cadaver dogs, unearths charred remains, explores the horrifying “killing room,” and delves into cold cases—those unsolved crimes, some whose perpetrators still lurk out there. Reconstructed from court transcripts, these all-too-true stories expose the greed, desperation, and inhumanity living just down the street and around the corner.

Thugs Thieves And Outlaws [4]People need to realize that they do not have to look to New York City or Moscow for horrific crime stories,” says Ryan Cormier, author of Thugs, Thieves, and Outlaws: Alberta Crime Stories [4]. “Sadly, Alberta’s history is full of crimes that have made international headlines. Alberta’s past provides more than enough blood and mystery for those who are interested in criminal activities. We all followed the Mayerthorpe killings, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when you consider the grand sweep of Alberta history.”

About Thugs, Thieves And Outlaws:

Warning! What you are about to read is true … and not for the faint of heart, as the crime stories collected here detail the most disturbing chapters of Alberta history. Chronicled in these pages are many of the province’s most notorious killers and outlaws from the past century: train robbers, a homicidal hired hand, prisoners of war, cannibals, kidnappers, and more. Witness the moment when Peter Pocklington has a .357 magnum held to his head. Be there when Wiebo Ludwig “terrorizes” northwestern Alberta… when a Lethbridge city councillor fabricates a story of being stalked, drugged, abducted and sexually assaulted… when four RCMP officers are gunned down at Mayerthorpe. From back alleys to bedrooms to the gallows, these accounts cover everything from Alberta’s largest mass execution to recent headline-making cases. Shocking, appalling… and true.

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Two News Books From @UofRPress Chronicle True Crime In Alberta & Saskatchewan [9]

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Two New Books Chronicle True Crime In Alberta And Saskatchewan: …Saskatchewan Crime Stories , the third inst… [10]