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4th September 2013

HootSuite Welcomes Gmail And Pinterest App ViralTag To App Directory

HootSuiteHootSuite has announced that four new apps have been added to its App Directory, including two of the most popular user requested apps for Gmail and ViralTag for Pinterest to its . The social relationship platform now boasts 65 social networks and tools used by today’s social business. ViralTag brings Pinterest functionality into the HootSuite dashboard, while the Gmail app makes monitoring email alongside real-time social streams easy. The latest release also includes apps video success platform Vidcaster, and selling tool Shopseen. Social media practitioners no longer have to leave the HootSuite dashboard to access their popular social tools, increasing productivity and efficiency.hootsuite-gmail


For some people, getting updated could mean switching between Twitter, Facebook, and other tabs just too see their latest feeds. With the HootSuite dashboard you can monitor all of your points of communication within one central dashboard. Never again will you have to take your eyes off another video on your Facebook feed for an urgent email. Simply tilt your vision a little to the side and you can multitask with optimal efficiency. You have the ability to read, reply, and delete emails from the dashboard. So if you’ve been too busy tweeting up a storm on Twitter, you can now give your overloaded inbox some much needed attention alongside your social media. Try the new Gmail app now and you’ll achieve inbox zero in no time.

ViralTag for Pinterest

Have you ever wondered how some users on Pinterest gained their large fanbase? The key is to actively engage followers with new content. Now you can do that without manually pinning a new photo every hour. The new ViralTag for Pinterest app in HootSuite will allow users to easily schedule, share and analyze their pins on the dashboard. When a clothing brand wants to introduce a new season of garments, this could mean several photos to share with their followers. To keep the momentum, users can choose to schedule photos periodically so that viewers aren’t visually overwhelmed by a single blast of updates. So how can you further promote your content? Brands and companies can now share their pins across all the social networks in HootSuite to push promotions for greater reach.


In an interactive age, photos are not enough to tell a story. The use of video has become more prevalent in social media engagement. You can now easily distribute your Vidcaster videos across all your social networks in the HootSuite dashboard. With the Vidcaster App, a social media manager can not only view and share videos, but access analytics to track engagement and viewership. Vidcaster provides you with the data to create videos that appeal most to your audience. Discover when your viewers drop off your videos and which videos are gaining the most attention. Improve the content you share with your followers.


The more people that see an item for sale, the more likely and quickly that item will be sold. Whether you run an online store or just want to get rid of some old clothes, it’s no surprise you’ve posted your items on multiple sites like eBay, Shopify and Etsy. But how do you keep track of all your listings? The new Shopseen app lets you monitor all your listings in one stream in the HootSuite dashboard. You can keep track of inventory and orders, so you know when your hot items are running low. While often the issue for store owners is the lack of traffic to their listings. Using the Shopseen app, you can increase visibility by promoting your listings across all the social networks in HootSuite with one post. Generate more revenue and expand your reach, try out the new Shopseen app.

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  1. Tami Quiring (@VillageGamer)
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    .@HootSuite Welcomes @Gmail And @Pinterest App @ViralTag To App Directory http://t.co/y2kZMYSxj3 #socialmedia

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    3:44 am on September 4th, 2013

    HootSuite Welcomes Gmail And Pinterest App ViralTag To App Directory http://t.co/PUKppUrwrN #PinChat

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