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Play Eon Altar At Gen Con 2013

flying helmet games [1]First revealed at PAX East 2013, Eon Altar [2] cooperative role-playing tabletop video game is going to Gen Con [3] in Indianapolis this August. Currently in development at Vancouver’s Flying Helmet Games [1], Eon Altar invites five friends to fight through dungeons to uncover ancient secrets and compete for glory and wealth, using smartphone handset to control your character’s actions, and a shared tablet to adventure through dungeons as a group. Participants will be able to experience the robust cross-platform play of Eon Altar on their Tablet PCs, Tablets and Smartphone Handsets on iOS, Android and Windows 8.
“The Kingdom of Gray lies cradled by the mountains of the Western Spine, from Castle Gray, to the town of Barrier on the eastern border of the Black Sands. In the mining village of Tarnum, a cave exists, said to descend to the foundry of Myrth the Creator God – the birthplace of man. In hopes of discovering fame and fortune, adventurers line up in droves, to navigate the treacherous paths, the darkness, and worse. Few return. Will you?”

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While at Gen Con, Eon Altar is partnering with Mesa Mundi Inc, a multitouch solutions provider, to show the game on their 50” Touch Tables, a dream accessory for any tabletop gamer. Check the conference agenda [3] for Eon Altar’s play schedule. Eon Altar’s release date has not yet been revealed.

“Mesa Mundi is very pleased to be part of the Eon Altar debut at Gen Con,” said Tobias Drewry, President & CEO of Mesa Mundi Inc. “Eon Altar brings a fresh approach to co-op video gaming through the use of a shared space. Because our touch tables are designed to provide multi-user interaction, Eon Alter is a perfect fit for this technology.”

Eon Altar is produced with the support of the Canada Media Fund [4] (CMF), which fosters, develops, finances and promotes the production of Canadian content and applications for all audiovisual media platforms. Flying Helmet Games was founded by a team of friends ready to recapture the indie spirit after years with big game studios such as Electronic Arts, BioWare and Ubisoft. Eon Altar is co-produced with Vancouver’s Tabula Dada Productions [5], a media company specializing in the development, production, and delivery of digital entertainment.

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