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Introducing The Find’Em Tracking BlueTooth Device

find'em tracking [1]It happens to everyone — a wallet or purse gets misplaced or stolen, and recovery proves to be impossible regardless of the best efforts to find the missing item. Occasionally, people will find their missing items, but this tends to happen long after a new wallet or purse has been purchased and filled with replacement credit cards, photos and identification documents. Thankfully, new technology exists that allows people to keep track of their valuables. The Find’Em Tracking [1] device, which is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign [2], uses Bluetooth technology to ensure that purses, wallets and other important items never stray too far from their owners.

Toronto-based Find’Em Tracking was developed by a team of expert engineers and developers with extensive military experience and training in brand development. Through the efforts of these experts, the device exists as the thinnest and most precise tracker of its kind available today. The device, which is shaped like a credit card, slips easily into any wallet or purse. Users simply download an amazing free app on their smartphones and set it to notify them whenever they are a specified distance away from the tracker (from 5 to 200 feet). They are notified instantly, which allows them to take action immediately. Users also love that the Find’Em Tracking device comes in basic black or bold white, and it includes the elegant Find’Em Tracking logo.

The device’s mobile app is integrated with Google Maps so users can obtain the exact, last location of a wallet or purse. The app is available through the most popular and convenient channels and it works with the latest devices, including the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the Samsung Galaxy S4. The app is incredibly easy to use, and it works seamlessly with the ultra-thin and compact Find’Em Tracking device.