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21st June 2013

SlumberWise Launched to Repair Broken Sleep Habits

mini-orbyBroken sleep habits is nothing new for many of us, especially as our brains were not equipped with an ‘off’ switch – a huge UX failure as far as I’m concerned. For Victoria-based SlumberWise, it’s not just about sleeping more, it’s about changing the way we think about sleep. Scientists agree that millions of North Americans, and people around the world, suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. This lack of sleep can lead to anything from obesity to depression.

“I want to get people excited about sleep,” said SlumberWise founder K. Alexander. “Sleep takes up a huge portion of our lives, and not giving it the proper respect and attention can have dire consequences. Yes, sleep makes up nearly a third our lives, but it also dramatically affects the other two-thirds.”

With regards to specific health concerns caused by lack of sleep, Alexander pointed to existing SlumberWise articles. These highlight potential risks such as obesity, cardiac disease, diabetes, depression, auto accidents, and more. The prescription is deceptively simple: get more sleep.

“It can be hard to get more sleep, I know that,” said Alexander. “Some individuals suffer from insomnia, but many more simply don’t make time out of their busy day for sleep. But the fact is, if you make time for sleep, your wakeful hours will be significantly more effective. Your memory can improve, as well as your ability to focus.”

SlumberWise also aims to correct much of the misinformation that surrounds sleep in the form of ongoing reviews of common sleep aids, as well as facts to dispel harmful sleep myths. With no corporate sponsorship and few ads, the website hopes to provide truly impartial reviews of sleep products and services.

Wading through the reams of scientific literature, SlumberWise also provides condensed summaries of the latest research into sleep – without needing a dictionary. “Circadian rhythms, various hormones, obscure parts of the brain, these things can turn off readers that just want to know how to sleep better and feel better. We try to make learning about sleep easy, and even fun.”

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