20th June 2013

Snipp Interactive Launches SnippQR

snipp interactiveSnipp Interactive Inc., a Vancouver-based provider of mobile marketing solutions listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, has announced the launch of SnippQR, a free custom QR code generator. Users can create unlimited number of codes with no restrictions on the number of scans per code and all QR codes can be created in high-resolution, print-ready formats.

With SnippQR, users can easily customize the color and styling of QR codes and also embed images into their QR codes. SnippQR is one of the most robust QR code creators available today and has been used to create QR codes for clients like ESPN, Taco Bell and Sección Amarilla.

Snipp QR boasts some impressive features:

  • A completely free service (with no usage restrictions on how many QR codes you create or scans you get)
  • Rich set of styles and design options
  • Intuitive easy-to-use interface that allows for significant customization of QR codes
  • Automated error correction and testing
  • High-resolution, print-ready output files
  • Rich analytics and tracking (user account management and reporting modules coming soon)
  • Additional packages available for businesses and marketers

Snipp CEO and co-founder Atul Sabharwal said, “We’ve seen great success in the past with custom QR codes. We had initially developed this as an internal tool to service our own clients and then decided to productize it and make it freely available. We like to think of it as our contribution to the cause of ridding the world of ugly and non-functional QR codes!”

He continued, “QR code usage has continued to increase, despite significant negative press and criticism. According to eMarketer, 36% of adults aged 18-34 have used a QR code at least once – which is greater than the percent of people in the same demographic who have used Twitter. QR codes are an integral part of couponing systems such as Apple’s Passbook. Meanwhile, QR code usage in China has quadrupled in the past year, to over 9 million scans per month. Like it or not, QR codes are here to stay – and to not add it to the marketing toolbox would be shortsighted.”

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