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GoD Factory: Wingmen Will Be Available On Linux

nine dots studio [1]Independent game developer Nine Dots Studio [1] is excited to announce their game, GoD Factory: Wingmen [2], the 4vs4 space combat MOBA will be available on PC, Mac and Linux platforms.  The competitive game allows players build their ships part by part and fight massive online battles. GoD Factory is currently on Kickstarter [3] and Steam Greenlight [4] seeking support from the community to finish the ambitious project.

GoD Factory: Wingmen is a multiplayer space combat sim where the player works with a team of up to three other players to destroy the opponent’s Carrier while defending their own.  Before entering battle, players have the opportunity to construct and customize their own ships out of an enormous wealth of hulls, weapons, upgrades and components. Players will first have to choose a unique race, each of which focuses on a different play style and boasts a unique visual look. In the game, the players must destroy different key areas of the enemy Carrier to incapacitate it and ultimately destroy it.

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Key features of the upcoming title:

GoD Factory: Wingmen is set for a 2013 release on PC, Mac and Linux. Fans of the game are encouraged to visit the Steam Greenlight [4] page and vote to see it available on the distribution platform.  For additional information, visit their Website [2], Facebook [5] and Twitter [6].