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SnowSlide Free For iOS And Android

eleventh level interactive [1]Eleventh Level Interactive [2] will be launching the latest version of their new game onto the mobile gaming scene on June 19th. SnowSlide [3] Lite is the fourth game from the developer, adding to an already strong foundation. SnowSlide provides easy playability and family friendly fun. The concept of the game is very simple: players use their finger to drag and release the cute animals, who then slide along the ice to their homes based on momentum.  The art style caters to a wide audience, bringing fun loving characters along with strong audio and voice over talent to entertain all ages. 

SnowSlide is purely designed to help you fill those gaps in your day when you’re looking for something that’s easy to jump in and play.  With intuitive controls and a strong core mechanic, SnowSlide will keep you hooked with it’s easy to play, difficult to master style.  SnowSlide is snowslide [4]available in a Lite and a Paid version.  The Paid version removes the Ads and also will receive updates more readily. SnowSlide gives you the ability to invite or challenge your friends via Facebook connect.