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  • US Carrier Selects Avvasi To Measure And Manage Mobile Video Experience

4th June 2013

US Carrier Selects Avvasi To Measure And Manage Mobile Video Experience

avvasiQoE-driven video management and monetization solutions vendor Avvasi Inc. is pleased to announce it has added a tier-1 US mobile network operator to its roll of customers. The provider is the latest carrier to deploy Avvasi’s solutions to measure its subscribers’ mobile video experience as it develops services that can monetize video traffic over its network.

For wireless carriers, understanding the subscriber’s video Quality of Experience (QoE) is key to enhancing users’ satisfaction and creating new revenue opportunities. Consistent with global trends, mobile service providers currently face significantly increased traffic from over-the-top (OTT) video providers like Netflix, YouTube and HBO go. OTT video currently generates over 50 percent of mobile internet traffic and is expected to increase to over 66 percent. This heavy demand results in fluctuating video quality on smartphones and tablets, and dissatisfied subscribers.

Deploying Avvasi’s solutions provides network service providers with the industry’s leading capability to understand video usage and QoE per service, location, device, subscriber and more. Avvasi’s solutions also include traffic demographics and in-depth analysis of usage trends. This information is crucial to service providers who wish to optimize their video traffic, create service level agreements, implement charging and policy systems and build new services.

“Our new customer understands the unique challenges posed by the explosive growth of video OTT traffic. Avvasi was chosen because our solution allows them to remain a leader in customer video experience, and develop revenue-generating video services that are impossible without a clear understanding of what subscribers are experiencing on their screens,” said Mate Prgin, president and CEO of Avvasi. “We are proud to provide one of the world’s largest network operators with industry-leading technology to measure, improve and monetize mobile video.”

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