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Tubetime Launches Android TV App

tubetime [1]Tubetime [1] has announced the launch of the Android version of its all-in-one TV app, now available on Google Play. Tubetime delivers a unique second screen TV experience, including a complete TV guide and universal remote features. A majority of Canadian TV lovers can now enjoy Tubetime by downloading the free app either on the App Store [2] or Google Play [3].TUBETIME - Launch of Android TV app [4]

Tubetime’s interactive program guide extends the TV experience before, during and after the user’s favourite shows. The guide makes show discovery intuitive through the search tool, category filters or by seeing what is popular with other Tubetime users. By customizing their TV guide with favourites and setting reminders, users will never miss their must-see shows. Following and participating in the Twitter conversation around what’s on TV is simplified as hashtags for each program are integrated in the app as is sharing on Facebook, seeing what friends are liking and even what they are watching. Interactivity on Tubetime goes beyond social media as users can participate and discover, in real-time, unique content, contests, offers and games related to shows they like.

Tubetime also transforms into a Universal Remote control when used with the optional Connector.  Once plugged-in the audio jack of a mobile device, the Connector turns the app into a universal remote control for the TV, cable or satellite box, DVD, home theatre and more. The Connector can be purchased directly from the app or from TubeTime [5]. The Connector works with both Apple and Android devices.

TV show producers, advertisers and networks alike can access the Tubetime platform to deliver customized interactivity in real-time, directly to their audiences. The Tubetime platform delivers targeted second screen experiences that can be deployed rapidly while offering flexible creative options. The platform removes expensive technology investments and accelerates time to market, allowing the industry to focus on creating great TV experiences.

Commenting on the Android launch of Tubetime, Marc Belanger, CEO of Tubetime, said: “We are seeing rapid adoption across Canada since our recent launch on the App Store, great user feedback and growing levels of engagement on a daily basis. The launch of the Android version will bring the second screen experience to a wider Canadian audience, making Tubetime the must have TV app.”