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14th March 2013

New Version of Large Viewer For iOS Now Available

smalltalk consultingCorporate Smalltalk Consulting has introduced an updated version of their Large Viewer app for iOS that allows users to open extremely large documents in virtually any format with no wait time. The new Large Viewer update offers greater benefits for the astronomy community by supporting a wider range of multi-page Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) files. Large Viewer is the only app that can read NASA-endorsed FITS files which are used to transmit and evaluate scientific images and data.

Large Viewer 1.9.4, available on iTunes for $14.99 USD also provides greater freedom to photographers who work with very large photos. Large Viewer can open and display photographs up to 27 feet by 27 feet while preserving every detail.

Ideal for oversize blueprints, maps and charts, Large Viewer opens over 50 digital file formats and eliminates the need to carry massive rolls of paper. For iPhone and iPad users who aren’t architects or civil engineers, Large Viewer allows superior viewing of scanned books from archive.org or the ability to view lost detail in iPhone 5 panoramic photos.

Large Viewer was specifically designed to overcome the problems and limitations of viewing large file formats on a mobile device. “Normally viewing an ISO AO, USA Arch E, Large E or the standard D1 format document using an iPad can be a frustrating experience,” explains John McIntosh, President of Corporate Smalltalk Consulting. “Scrolling slows to a crawl, zooming takes forever or the app just crashes. We built Large Viewer to support large pages and long documents.”

How large and how long? With the Large Viewer app, users can quickly and easily view documents (including PDFs and faxes) longer than 12,000 pages or bigger than 48 x 36 inches. Eighty-six megapixel camera images, 20,000 x 18,000 pixel-size blueprints, wall-size maps or 500 MB TIFF files are no problem for Large Viewer. What’s more, users experience no wait time for pages to render.

* View huge documents anytime and anywhere
* Reads over 50 different file formats
* Crisp detail even when zooming
* True color rendering
* Instant scrolling and zooming
* Access and share via Mail, iTunes and Dropbox
* Accelerated PDF viewer
* Printing capability
* Convert TIFF to PDF

“Never thought I’d see the day when a mere iPad could show me a 48 x 36 inch digital blueprint with 256 pages,” exclaims Canadian engineer-in-training John Sterling. “Sweet.”

Large Viewer is listed in the top 100 rankings for the Productivity category of the iTunes App store in several countries, including the United States, Canada and Russia. The Large Viewer product suite has been available for two years and has registered over 32,000 downloads with almost a thousand in-app upgrades.

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  1. Tami Quiring (@VillageGamer)
    8:50 am on March 14th, 2013

    New Version of Large Viewer For iOS by Corporate Smalltalk Consutling Now Available http://t.co/F2Op7zRgBq

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