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21st February 2013

Blogger, Batchbook, Appboy And StoreYa Join The HootSuite Apps Directory

HootSuiteHootSuite has announced the next wave of new apps to be added to the social media manager’s App Directory, taking the total to 49 apps. This latest batch of applications is part of a plan for a major expansion of the App Directory in 2013, making it even easier to manage all of your social media needs from the comfort and familiarity of the HootSuite dashboard. These four apps are available to all users.

Blogger is Google’s popular blogging platform (and one of the most requested by our users), and the Blogger App now available in HootSuite allows you to monitor your Blogger pages and posts, create and edit posts, view comments, and of course share your pages and posts to the social networks and profiles in your HootSuite account. Because it’s in HootSuite, publishers using Blogger can manage their entire publication workflow from a single domain, from anywhere in the world.hootsuite-blogger

Batchbook is a social customer relationship management (CRM) tool that allows you to keep track of your business, personal, and social networking contacts. The Batchbook app for HootSuite allows you to view your Batchbook contact details, access your most recent comments and to-do’s, import new contacts into Batchbook and more. Use the app to create new contacts in your Batchbook account, see the full history of a contact, discover your most active communicators, coordinate follow ups across your team, save the best posts to Batchbook. You can also send Twitter and Facebook posts directly into Batchbook from the HootSuite dash.

Mobile app developers will appreciate the addition of Appboy to the Directory. Appboy is a customer relationship management platform designed specifically for mobile apps that combines messaging, audience segmentations, analytics and user support in a single solution.

The Appboy app for HootSuite allows you to monitor Twitter mentions by users of your mobile app(s), monitor app usage levels, interact with your users and more. As a customer engagement platform for mobile apps, Appboy helps you understand, segment and engage your audience. Our Hootsuite app creates a special tweet ”Stream” for your mobile app users and enhances their social profiles with app usage data.

StoreYa is a leading Facebook commerce platform, designed for automatically importing web stores into Facebook, fully customizing them to fit both the Facebook arena and the original store look & feel. StoreYa is proud to have build a convenient way to discover new products in the Facebook ecosystem. StoreYa is an official partner of all the major eCommerce platforms, and has thousands of merchants using its platform on a daily basis. With StoreYa installed into HootSuite, you can manage your featured products from the HootSuite dashboard, share products with your fans, view traffic analytics and more.

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  1. Tami Quiring (@VillageGamer)
    10:32 pm on February 20th, 2013

    .@Blogger, @Batchbook, @Appboy And @StoreYaCom Join The @HootSuite Apps Directory http://t.co/meTzNiz4YE

  2. HootWatch (@HootWatch)
    6:25 am on February 21st, 2013

    Hoot’marked: Blogger, Batchbook, Appboy And StoreYa Join The HootSuite Apps Directory » Village Gamer http://t.co/QgPeRIycpl

  3. @Markgher
    8:55 am on February 21st, 2013

    RT @hootwatch: Hoot’marked: Blogger, Batchbook, Appboy And StoreYa Join The HootSuite Apps Directory » Village Gamer http://t.co/WQ6aHtMBXF

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