25th May 2012

Cackleberries Virtual World Announces Expansion

cackleberriesCackleberries Entertainment Inc. has announced the opening of a new educational character house in their online, virtual world of Oville. The new house—aptly named the “Water House”—is inhabited by three aquatic Cackleberries: Sushee a Tyee salmon, Snoggler a catfish and Shylee a coy. The purpose of the three-room house is to introduce young children aged three to seven about the basic science of water.

In Sushee’s, room children learn about the states of matter—solid, liquid and gas—as they add either hot or cold water to her pool. In another room, players help Shylee water a plant using a special rainmaker that teaches the steps in the water cycle, including the proper scientific vocabulary: evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection.

While children learn about science as they play in the Water House, the game designers also added water safety tips. As Children Learn about the States of Matter in New Cackleberries Water House soon as a player enters the lobby, their “Cackpal” avatar puts on a life jacket. Eronne Foster, CEO, says that water safety is an important life skill. “Teaching safety in the preschool and primary school years is one of the best things we can do to protect our children,” said Foster. “Every young child needs to learn how to be safe around water.”

The Water House is a fun and educational addition to Oville which already features several character houses where children learn about a variety of subjects such as fire safety, special needs, recycling, helping others, doing chores, music and art as well as practice counting, spelling and reading.

At a Cackleberries testing party held earlier this month in Delta, sixteen children in preschool to grade three had the opportunity to be among the first to explore and play in the new Water House and it was a hit with kids and parents alike.

Laura Thomas, Cackleberries’ writing director, party organizer and mother of two said, “The parents really liked the idea of the child’s avatar putting on a life jacket and the water safety sign by the front door. Plus, the duck boat was a big hit with the kids. They liked using it to go from room to room via the water tunnels, slides and jets.”


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