20th March 2012

Product Updates From Espial

espial TVOn-demand TV software and solutions provider Espial has announced two new expansions. The first is for its Espial MediaBase, a high-performance, on-demand video platform that supports both HTTP and RTSP streaming from a single platform, allowing operators to efficiently manage, deliver, and stream video content to any viewing device.

The completely software-based solution runs on commercial off-the-shelf hardware (COTS) providing live TV streaming services for multiscreen devices and captures of live TV to enable time-shift television (TSTV), remote storage DVR (RS-DVR), and network PVR (NPVR) services. Espial MediaBase also supports highly intelligent content delivery networking to distribute both live TV and captured TV content across an operator’s central, regional, and local sites. This ensures efficient delivery of HTTP content from central to edge servers, and automates the transfer of long-tail content from central servers to edge servers based on subscriber demand.

Espial MediaBase is available in several high-performance configurations including unified servers, Internet, and origin servers. The Espial MediaBase unified (MBu) server provides a single platform to ingest and stream media assets, live TV for VOD, TSTV, and NPVR services to both set-top boxes (STBs) and multiscreen devices. The Espial MediaBase Internet (MBi) server has the capability to ingest adaptive bit rate (ABR) media assets, stream live TV services, capture live TV in ABR formats, and provide HTTP streaming to multiscreen devices, enabling live TV, TSTV, and VOD services. The Espial MediaBase origin server (MBo) provides a high-performance platform to distribute live TV, captured TV content, and VOD content to third party CDNs and edge cache servers to quickly and rapidly extend on-demand video services to existing CDNs.

Espial MediaBase significantly reduces an operator’s computing and storage usage by supporting both HTTP and RTSP from a unified platform, and providing a single content delivery network for MPEG video assets and ABR video assets. These capabilities enable operators to reduce capital and operating expenses by as much as 50 to 65 percent, respectively, compared with standard on-demand video systems. Operators can easily and cost-effectively expand their system for multi-tier storage, streaming, and server clustering utilizing the highly scalable nature of Espial MediaBase.

“To remain competitive, today’s operators must meet the increasing consumer demand for high-quality video consumption on any viewing device including live TV services,” said Jaison Dolvane, president and CEO at Espial. “Espial MediaBase delivers a variety of adaptive streaming services from a unified platform, dramatically simplifying a provider’s integration, implementation, and operations, which empowers consumers to enjoy a TV anytime, anywhere experience.”

The second announcement is for the latest enhancements to Espial Media Service Platform, a TV service management and delivery solution that enables operators to deliver TV services over managed and OTT networks. The Espial Media Service Platform provides operators with a single platform to manage and deliver TV services across multiple networks and multiple devices including TVs, tablets, mobiles, and PCs.

The Espial Media Service Platform has been enhanced for managing, delivering, and securing TV Everywhere services, including content playback controls, geoblocking, and user authentication. These features allow operators to limit access to content by geography, users, and devices. The powerful platform also allows users to set global parental controls from any multiscreen device as well as supports placeshifting across devices. Additionally, it now supports registration of multiple users and multiscreen devices per account — an important feature that allows managing and customizing video services for each person in the household.

The Espial Media Service Platform supports tailoring of TV Everywhere services by market segments based on regional, language, and other requirements. This allows operators to customize TV channel line-ups, pricing models, movies, and services including linear TV, video-on-demand (VOD), time-shift television (TSTV), digital video recording (DVR), and pay-per-view (PPV) for their target markets.

The open and extensible platform supports multiple devices, multiple networks, multiple content types, and multiple video ecosystem components. It supports TV service delivery to set-top boxes (STBs), tablets, PCs, and smart phones over IPTV, cable, and OTT, from a unified platform. The Espial Media Service Platform now also handles adaptive streaming video formats to support multiscreen content delivery to PCs, smartphones, and tablets. It has the ability to support multiple ecosystem vendors of the same type – for example, operators can implement multiple video-on-demand and digital rights management solutions to handle STB services as well as multiscreen services. The single, scalable, and automated platform offers operators a cost-effective way to expand their services on any connected device to support millions of subscribers.

“Consumers crave access to a complete multimedia experience, whether it’s from their PC, tablet, or smartphone,” said Jaison Dolvane, president and CEO, Espial. “Our most recent innovations on the Espial Media Service Platform were designed with this in mind, knowing that operators need a secure and cost-effective platform to deliver an increasingly rich set of TV Everywhere applications and services. Our unified platform is a powerful system that allows operators to easily expand their interactive and multiscreen services so they can evolve with the rapidly changing media landscape.”

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