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Burger Joint Opens Cross-Platform Franchise Outlets

arctic empire [1]Some big news for fans of arcade-style gaming and awesome content recently came across my desk. Ontario indie developer Arctic Empire [1] is serving up a massive update for its “Tetris-meets-Bejewled” title Burger Joint.

For iOS owners [2], the game will be getting a multiplayer challenge mode crafted lovingly through weeks of tweaking (and Burger Joint [3]hundreds of intense matches). 2-Player cleanup challenges you to  match ingredients and make burgers to clear plates before your friends and family can. Greedy players can hoard the screen on their own device, while gamers on a date can snuggle up on the same iPad screen.

Meanwhile, Android users [4] will get to experience the game for the first time, all at the low, low cost of zero dollars. This marks Arctic Empire’s first cross-platform effort, and according to science, the coolest thing in the entire world. But don’t take science’s word for it!

“This is the coolest thing in the entire world,” says Burger Joint lead designer and Arctic Empire co-founder Ricardo Evangelho. “We really wanted to say thanks to all the game’s fans, and beef up the title to bring in as much competition as possible. I can barely stay on top of the leaderboard, and having players earning points on two platforms will be a real treat,” he notes, before exploding into a stream of food related puns.

With 750,000 burgers made, and 75% of users returning for more, Arctic Empire is excited to see new and veteran players alike put together 1 million burgers. If they can do it, the company will begin work on  a way to convert burgers formed into actual food. Maybe.

Burger joint is proudly hosted on the Papaya Network across both platforms.