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White Day Hackathon March 10th In Vancouver

mini-orby [1]A Thinking Ape [2] and Silicon Sisters [3] are hosting a White Day Hackathon [4] on Saturday, March 10th in Vancouver. While this event is designed to create a coding environment that’s friendly to female developers, everyone is welcome to come and participate (50 spots available). Tickets are $10.00 and available for purchase [5]. There are also sponsorship opportunities for those who are interested.
Devs will get the chance to meet other coders both experienced and aspiring, work in groups of 1-3 to make some wicked apps and even have a chance at some great prizes. A Thinking Ape will start the event off with a mixer on Friday night where ideas can be shared, participants can meet fellow devs and groups can be built before Saturday’s main event.

Some of the prizes up for grabs will be awarded to:

Participants will need to bring:

A Thinking Ape will provide: