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Digital Domain Recruiting Events

digital domain [1]With the opening of its new studio in Florida, Digital Domain [1] is on the lookout for exceptional talent. Recruiters will be visiting Montreal [2], Toronto [3] and Vancouver [4] (as well as several locations across the USA). The Legend of Tembo is currently in pre-production at the brand new Tradition Studios, a state-of-the-art, 120,000 square foot facility in South Florida. Some of the job openings require immediate placement, while others need to be filled by summer and fall. On a side note, Digital Domain also has several career positions open in its Vancouver studio [5].Positions they are looking to fill at the Florida studio include:

• Visual Development/Design Artiststembo [6]
• Modelers
• Texture Artists/Look Development Artists
• Character  TDs (Rigging/Hair/Fur/Skin/Cloth)
• Animators
• EFX Artists/TDs
• Lighters/Compositors
• Pipeline Technical Directors
•Software Developers
• Shader Writers
• Production Management

…and many more, at all experience levels. Dates and locations for the recruiting events have not been revealed. Contact Digital Domain as directed on the recruiting pages for placement consideration and recruiting event details.

Open positions at the Digital Domain Vancouver studio include:

• ATD Assistant Technical Director
• Cloth/Hair Artist
• Cloth/Hair TD
• Compositor
• FX Artist Houdini
• FX TD Houdini
• Human Resources/Recruiting Coordinator
• Lighting Artist
• Lighting TD
• Look Development Artist
• Modeler
• Production Coordinator Visual Effects
• Rigger
• Shading TD
• Texture Artist