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26th January 2012

Cogeco Cable Publishes its First Corporate Social Responsibility Report

cogecoAt today’s annual general meeting of Cogeco Cable, Louis Audet, President and CEO of COGECO Inc. and Cogeco Cable Inc., presented Cogeco Cable’s first Corporate Social Responsibility report. “In our 2011 Annual Report to shareholders, we made a commitment to publish our first CSR Report in 2012 and to build it in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, which are the benchmark in extra-financial reporting,” stated Mr. Audet.

A growing number of companies in Canada and around the world report on their CSR performance using the GRI guidelines, and measure their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. “In so doing, we are taking part in this great movement and demonstrating our transparency as well as an active commitment to these key issues,” added Mr. Audet.

Like sustainability reporting, CSR reports cover an organization’s environmental, social and economic performance. While not formally referring to their past initiatives and attitudes as “CSR”, Cogeco Cable and its personnel have long demonstrated a respect for the environment and the communities where the Corporation operates. Cogeco Cable’s CSR Report details the success achieved for several of these initiatives.

Three core environmental issues are specifically relevant to Cogeco Cable operations: GHG emissions, the production of primarily electronic waste, and the use of raw materials. From a social standpoint, the 37 community TV stations operated by TVCogeco make the Corporation keenly aware of the major role it plays in the social and economic development of the towns and cities it serves. We contribute to these communities in many ways, namely through salaries and employee benefits, stimulating jobs, donations, sponsorships and collaboration with numerous local organizations. Lastly, while pursuing its economic development, Cogeco Cable adopts methods to continuously improve its performance with respect to both the environment and its communities.

The qualitative and quantitative data contained in Cogeco Cable’s CSR Report on its current impact will serve as the starting point for a process of continuous improvement to achieve an appropriate balance among our financial, social and environmental objectives. We will also publish our first report on our GHG emissions and carbon management as part of the Carbon Disclosure Project, an independent international initiative encouraging transparency on climate change issues. In 2012, the Corporation will optimize its environmental practices by enhancing its recycling programs, reducing energy consumption for both its buildings and vehicle fleet, and developing synergies with suppliers.

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