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24th January 2012

Virtutone Introduces New Web-Based Management Portal

virtutoneVirtutone Networks Inc., a provider of Internet-based telephony services, introduced today its Simple Network Access Portal (SNAP!) which allows Virtutone customers and resellers to quickly provision and manage Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) lines from any internet connection in the world.

Virtutone has taken a leadership role in the development of web-based provisioning tools for VoIP services, allowing its customers to activate new lines within minutes instead of days or weeks. Using SNAP!, Virtutone’s customers can provision SIP lines (voice or fax ) from over 9,000 local exchanges in North America, any exchange in Australia, United Kingdom, and in over other 60 countries worldwide.

“SNAP! is an extremely advanced provisioning tool for the VoIP industry today, which allows our customers to activate new voice or fax lines in almost any area code or exchange in North America, Australia, United Kingdom and in over 60 other countries. This is especially important to companies who supply communication packages to oil and gas drilling rigs in North America. A drilling rig may be in one state for several weeks and then quickly move to another. Each move requires new telephone numbers. While it takes other VoIP providers days, or even weeks, to provision a new telephone number, Virtutone’s customers can provision voice lines themselves in just minutes, providing them a significant advantage. The development of SNAP! will help Virtutone to advance its position as a leading provider of VoIP and Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP) to the drilling segment of the oil & gas Market as well as open up new markets that need a simple way to activate and deactivate lines and telephony features.” said Jason Allen, Virtutone’s President & Chief Executive Officer.

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