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Itzy 3D Now On Android Market

itzy interactive [1]Alberta’s Itzy Interactive [1] has released its debut game, Itzy 3D [2], to the mobile gaming community. Available now on Android Market, the casual title will also be coming to iTunes for mobile iOS devices. The hero of this game is a little spider named Itzy, and it is his mission to save Earth from alien fireflies whose meteor home crash landed on our planet.Players must assist little Itzy as he attempts to cover as much of his world with webs as possible while avoiding enemies and munching on all the alien fireflies he can handle.  Itzy’s journey will take him from his forest home to neighbouring farms, into a bustling city and even beyond.

Game Highlights:

The object of the game is to cover enough of the level in webbing to fill the green web in the top right corner of the screen.

Big fireflies, while already delicious, will temporarily imbue Itzy with time-limited special abilities:

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You can try the first four levels [4] of Itzy 3D in your web browser using Unity Web Player. Itzy 3D is available now on the Android Marketplace as a free download, is rated E for Everyone and is compatible with Android devices running 2.2 and up.